Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Stephen Berry Says “Thanks Auckland!”

Guest post by Affordable City’s Stephen Berry 

After the local body election results this weekend, I’m extraordinarily proud of the results the eleven candidates of our nationwide local body political party have achieved in such a short time. I’m very grateful for the effort they have put into their campaigns, and for the team of volunteers who have been there for them.


Affordable Auckland 
Heidi Bale – Whau Local Board 1953 1.97%
Stephen Berry – Auckland Mayor 13539 3.98%
                              - Waitemata & Gulf Ward 1408 7.58%
                              - Waitemata Local Board 2865 3.30%
Peter Chan – Waitakere Ward 7345 11.52%  (Peter was elected to Henderson-Massey Local Board for the 
                                                                                            Henderson-Massey Residents Group)
Niko Kloeten – Franklin Ward 3698 23.00%
                            - Franklin Local Board (Pukekohe) 2975 11.51%

Affordable Waikato
Tim Wikiriwhi – Hamilton Mayor 952 2.67%
                              - West Ward 1611 1.87%

Affordable Porirua

Euan McPetrie – East Ward, numbers not available from Porirua City Council website

Affordable Hutt City

Luke Howison – Eastern Ward 538 7.57%

Affordable Wellington

Reagan Cutting – Northern Ward 901.44 6.62%
Phil Howison – Western Ward 705.17 4.15%

Affordable Christchurch

Luke Chandler – Riccarton-Wigram Community Board 4309 6.74%

Affordable Invercargill

Shane Pleasance – Invercargill City Council 5708 3.86%

These totals represent at least 48,507 votes cast nationwide for the idea that councils should tax, spend and borrow markedly less than they do currently.

Affordable City is a relatively new party having been formed just a few short months ago. Affordable City will be a constant presence through local body politics for the next three years and we will unveil a bigger, stronger political machine in 2016.

Get involved now!

Stephen Berry is a 30 year old food retail manager and lifetime resident of Auckland City.


  1. Very good under difficult conditions in Auckland, well done Stephen.
    I stood in the the south west ward for New Plymouth councilor, five candidates for two positions, I came last with 12% of the vote. Not too bad as I am not well known here.

  2. I think Affordable Auckland did very well, and only needs to raise it's profile to do a lot better. The time to start doing that is now, by raising public awareness, participating in public events etc.

    Well done Stephen & co.

    B. Whitehead

  3. At least Stephen is not a liar and pervert - (unlike a certain opponent appears to be according to Whaleoil) - pity some news stories didn't break a week ago haha!


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