Thursday, 10 October 2013

Maybe Ngai Tahu should return the dosh?

After five “full and final settlements” from the taxpayer, South Island tribe Ngai Tahu has now got their hand out for a sixth—as a $68.5 million “top up” of the $170 million gifted them in 1997 by convicted criminal Doug Graham.

But perhaps, argues Mike Butler, instead of another handout based on a bogus history, it would be more appropriate if the taxpayer were to receive a refund—“demanding the return of the $170 million paid in 1998 on the grounds that it was paid in error.”

Or after this sixth “settlement,” on which a government needing a Racist Party for votes will assuredly capitulate, will there in another decade or two be a seventh?


  1. I say give part-horis who want so-called settlements a piece of Antarctica and boot them down there to live

  2. I wonder if folk who talk about people as "part-Horis" should join them?

  3. PC you hide your email address well, so this will have to suffice.

    The sentiments expressed in that article should tickle your rage receptors.

  4. Actually, "part-Horis" is pretty mild compatred to the sort of stuff that used to routinely appear in the Free Radical.

  5. I can see this rort ending but only when I look through my telescope.



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