Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Moon rise over Wellington

You can almost feel the earth move…

Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo.

Photographer Mark Gee tried two years for the evening his opportunity finally came. Here’s how the fellow who sent it to me introduced it:

It was shot in January on a calm summer evening, as people gathered on the Mt. Victoria Lookout point to watch the moon rise.
This stunning video is one single real-time shot, with no manipulation whatsoever. The camera was placed on a hillside over 2 kilometres from the Lookout point, and was shot with the equivalent of a 1300mm lens…
I honestly can't say enough good things about this video - from the magnitude of the visuals, to the intimate stories playing out with the people, to the sheer humbling nature of seeing the awe-inspiring reality of this giant rock in the sky that we so often don't stop to appreciate.
One thing I encourage you to do is watch this on the biggest screen you have - don't waste it on an iPhone screen.

[Hat tip Dale Halling]

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