Thursday, 30 May 2013

AFL: What did McGuire say?


Astonishing. Aside from a brief flurry of news reporting about the Anzac Day AFL game in Wellington, the great game of AFL only gets reported here in EnZed when there’s a scandal—when said “news” is reported without any context.

As it was this morning on Newstalk ZB: “AFL: McGuire to face officials over King Kong comment.”

imageSo for those who don’t know what Collingwood president and general loudmouth Eddie McGuire said (yes folks, he’s the fella on your Who Wants To Be a Millionaire), and what he thought he said, here’s an update.  Basically, he was found on his breakfast radio show wondering why Sydney Swans’ champion footballer Adam Goodes (one of the finest players the game has produced) wasn’t being used to promote the Melbourne stage show King Kong—this just three days after personally apologising to the champion for a 13-year-old Collingwood fan calling him an “ape.”

Now for what it’s worth, I think Eddie McGuire is basically an idiot. But he is passionate about his club, and even though that club is Collingwood, I think his explanation here rings true. For what it’s worth:

And if you’re wondering why you should care, then ask the folk occupying the local sports desks at TV3, Newstalk ZB et al who report on stuff like this, but never bother reporting, say, Geelong blowing Port Adelaide off the park on Saturday.




  1. It's been on the news over here in Australia for ages now, as if it's really important, meanwhile, another MP has been charged over a case of corruption, but somehow, that barely rates a mention...

  2. Goodes is a sook however.


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