Monday, 3 August 2009

30 Songs [updated]

George from The Nevermind Aesthetic didn’t tag me for this, but I did it anyway because I was curious.

Instructions...if you're interested:
1. Turn on whatever MP3 player you possess.
2. Go to SHUFFLE songs mode.
3. Write down the first 30 songs or more that come up--song title and artist.
4. NO editing/cheating, please. Write them order.
5. Choose 25 (or so) people to be tagged...or not. 
So here goes:

woodenheadCD Ain’t No Right – Jane’s Addiction
How Do You Think It Feels? – Lou Reed
Sixty Seconds to What – Ennio Morricone
Caution – Bob Marley
Tremolo – Marc Chesterman/Woodenhead soundtrack)

41X1E6ECTTL._SL500_AA240_ Fruhling – Jesse Norman, singing Richard Strauss’s Four Last Songs
Making Plans for Nigel – Nouvelle Vogue
Ennui – Graham Brazier
Oop Bop Sh’ Bam – Dizzy Gillespie
Daddy’s a Postman – Graham Parker

Redgum_-_Caught_In_The_Act-[Front] Charade – Henry Mancini
Diamantina Drover – Redgum
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl – Muddy Waters
Enola/Alone – Manic Street Preachers
Aquarium – Saint Saens

41YZ1Y7YEML._SL500_AA240_ Autograph – Bernard Butler
Evil Lies in that Ring (Act 3, Scene 1, Siegfried) – Richard Wagner
Virtuoso Etudes after Gershwin – Earl Wild
Memories are Made of This – Mario Lanza (after Dean Martin)
Der Engel – KIrsten Flagstad, singing Richard Wagner’s Wesendonck Lieder

Fripp_&_Eno's_Evening_Star People Move On – Bernard Butler
The Card Cheat – The Clash
I Think I’m a Mother – PJ Harvey
Green Walls – Toy Love
Wind on Water – Fripp & Eno

MusicCatalog_B_Barry Adamson - The King Of Nothing Hill_Barry Adamson - The King Of Nothing Hill Whispering Streets – Barry Adamson
Criollo – Phil Manzanera
Lawless – Christy Moore
Ho-Ho Schmiede Mein Hammer – Lauritz Melchior singing the ‘Forging Song’ from Act 1 of Richard Wagner’s Siegfried
Amarcord Suite - Nino Rota

So there you go.  Some great curiosities there.

I won’t tag anyone but if you’d like to be tagged just leave a note in the comments so I can link to your post in an update.

UPDATE: MacDoctor’s had a crack at the game.


  1. I Could Talk I'd Tell You - The Lemonheads
    Alexander the Great - Iron Maiden
    American Man - Velvet Revolver
    New Year's Prayer - Jeff Buckley
    Just Like A Woman - Bob Dylan
    As Long as the Moon Can Shine - Mike Batt
    Green Disease - Pearl Jam
    Human - The Killers
    Across the Universe - The Beatles
    Glorious Days - Weezer

    Fruit Machine - The Ting Tings
    Storm - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    She Came In Through the Bathroom Window - The Beatles
    Who Let You Go? - The Killers
    In Passing - The Lemonheads
    Broken - Unkle
    Largo (Symphony No. 9) - Dvorak
    Pearls Girl - Underworld
    I am the Cosmos - This Mortal Coil

    Madagascar - Guns 'n' Roses
    Cryptorchid - Marilyn Manson
    Climbing Up To The Moon - Eels
    Let Me Out - Ben's Brother
    Seven - James
    Riverhead - Goldenhorse
    The Real Me - WASP
    Honestly - Zwan
    Hollywood Town - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
    Scentless Apprentice - Nirvana

    No laughing. :)

  2. Whoops... couple of typos, and I missed one... next one in the list is:

    Be A Girl - The Stereo Bus

  3. Free at last -antony & the johnsons
    Dead can dance-wind that shakes the barley
    Rachmaninov/rosel-rhapsody on a theme by Paganini
    Vaclav Neumann: Czech philharmonic-III. Scherzo:vivace
    The incredible mr freeze-back to the scene of the crime
    Unknown-track09 [box night club take me back CD]
    The teardrop explodes- strange house in the snow
    Dead can dance-I can see now
    Joseph crips:London symphony orchestra-beethoven symphony #1 in C
    The rolling stones-start me up
    Moby-natural blues
    Arthur baker-breaker’s revenge
    Joseph krips:lso-beethoven #7 in A
    Morrissey-first of the gang to die
    Air-all I need
    Cocteau twins-bluebeard
    Groove armada-at the river
    Peter Murphy-strange kind of love
    4hero-les fleur
    Echo & the bunnymen-baseball bill
    Ultra nate-desire
    Faust-just a second
    Tom Verlaine-the earth is the sky
    Dead can dance-the love that cannot be
    Neil young & crazy horse-cowgirl in the sand
    Maria jose pires:theodor gusc-Mozart piano concerto#21 in c
    Robin Guthrie-the day star
    Cocteau twins-little spacey
    Planet patrol-play at your own risk
    Copland-appalachian spring 3 moderato
    Lcd soundsystem-north American scum
    Morrissey-irish blood, english heart

  4. These lists are always fun if only as ways to find stuff to add to your iPod or iTunes library.

    PV has been on a Facebook lists' run of late. Liked the beers and the dream festival musical lineup as well!

  5. why the fuck are you listing to so much lefty shit?

    I think I counted precisely 4 non-left tracks on PC's list.

    Where at least is the collected works of Bob Roberts?

  6. It's getting near time to just start deleting Anonymous comments, I"m thinking. There's no value in them.

    This nonsense above is just another example.

  7. Oh really. Well lets see - if Laborite Unionists over at the Standard were listening to Wagner and Bruckner and Beethoven then we'd have a very legitimate cause for complaint.
    Of course they're not, they're off with Bob Dylan and Bill Bragg. Well I'm pleased no Bragg made either list - but let's face it: most of it is the Internationale with a drum kit.

  8. Still not sure I get your point, anonymous, but let me make three.

    1. This is s bit of fun, showing random (sometimes little played) songs of one's MP3 player. That's all it is.
    2. Musical values aren't political. Fact is, even The Internationale had a great tune. :-)
    3. If Labourite Unionists over at the Standard were listening to Wagner and Bruckner and Beethoven, then I'm immediately embrace them as comrades. ;-P

  9. What the cock? Mr. Nony Mouse... are you saying that art can only be created by people who have the same values as you? What a depressing viewpoint.

  10. Central Park and West - Ian Hunter
    Hanging On The Telephone - Def Leppard
    Good Time Lover - Savoy Brown
    Jungle Jenny - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
    Going To THe River - Taj Mahal
    Conch Close - Taj mahal
    Wouldn Couldna Shouldna - Taj Mahal
    Grits Aint Groceries - Savoy Brown
    Mama Were All Crazy Now - Slade
    23a Swan Hill - Ian HUnter
    Running Shoes - Fabulous Thunderbirds
    Letter To Britania - Ian Hunter
    Stubborn Kind of Fellow - Blues Band
    Too many Irons In The Fire - Fabulous Thunderbirds
    Im Glad Im Jewish - Mike Bloomfield
    The Crawl - Fabulous Thunderbirds
    The Hammer Song - Sensational Alex Harvey Band
    Saturday In The Park - Chicago
    Shes In The Middle - Dr FeelgoodPOD - Brilleaux
    Bundle of Joy - Brilleaux
    Dead and Lovely - Tom Waits
    Mad Dog - JOhnny Winter
    Just To Walk That Little Girl HOme - Willie Deville
    Going Mobile - Who
    Downtown Train - Tom Waits
    Dress - PJ Harvey
    Human Being - New York Dolls
    Paper Money - Montrose
    Rough Boys - Pete Townshend
    Cadillac Walk - Mink Deville
    Wave of Mutilation - The Pixies
    Cant Find My Way HOme - Blind Faith
    Blue Ronda A La Turk - Dave Brubeck
    Day After Day - Badfinger
    Stoned Guitar - Human Instinct
    All The Way From Memphis - Ian Hunter
    Sergeant Fury - Alex Harvey
    We Came Along This Road - Nick Cave

  11. this is so informative i love this blog


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