Monday, 18 February 2008

"Sustainability." Not just a meaningless buzzword

"Sustainability."  Chris Trotter reminds us in yesterday's 'Sunday Star Times' that it's not just a meaningless buzzword, it has "revolutionary social and economic implications":

It means that private enterprise must acknowledge the need for restraint: for regulations that are no longer light-fingered but heavy-handed...

"Sustainability," he concludes, " isn't just a fast track to re-election, it's a clarion call for revolution.

Isn't that what I've been warning you?  "Sustainability" has nothing to do with "future generations -- except to ensure they're both poor and enslaved.  More accurately,  it's the longed-for link for a certain kind of socialist between feel-good environmentalism and do-you-over authoritarianism: making it necessary for the productive to ask permission from the unproductive in order to produce.

Such is the dream of The Trotter, and of others just like him.


Luke H said...

Trotter is such an evil scumbag!

Anonymous said...

Trotter is a c*cksucker.

Anonymous said...

The word 'Sustainability' is a code word for stagnation and unwillingness to develop or have faith in humans' ability to overcome obstacles and grow.

I started following PCs links on this post and I really like the concept that he presented of the extraordinary human mind's capability to adapt and develop (I paraphrase here.... lost the actual text).

'Sustainability' has always seemed to me to be a concept deeply rooted in fear and uncertainty, whereas development means just that. You can't have 'sustainable development; the two concepts are mutually exclusive.

When environmentalist drongos start their infernal lecturing to me about sustainability, I often point out that no resources will ever be irreplaceable if we continue to develop our minds and therefore the processes that we invent. In the 19th century, Aluminium cost the same as silver.... nowadays we make frypans out of the stuff!

Idiots like to ask the rhetorical question "How long do you think we can continue to live (develop) like this?". My answer is "Indefinitely, if we have courage, intelligence and drive".

Dave Mann
(how does one manage this new OpenID thingy?? Aaaarghhh)

Dave Mann said...

Oh I see... thats how one manages this whatsisname whaddyacallit thingy...

Anonymous said...

Trotter's a communist, Luke. He's choosing to use the side door (environment) these days.

Or, if you like, he's changed his red cardy for a green one.

Anonymous said...

Collectivism is not sustainable. Never was. Never will be.