Friday, 16 November 2007

Beer O’Clock – Beer: Good News, Bad News

Neil Miller from RealBeer decides to justify a morning spent watching YouTube by writing today’s column on beer advertisements...

It is sad that there often appears to be a direct negative correlation between the quality of a beer and the size of its advertising budget. Breweries spend billions of dollars a year trying to persuade people to become fanatically loyal to their products. A large proportion of them cannot make that appeal based on taste. This means they have to find other ways to sell beer.

With new restrictions meaning that you may not use either sex or sport to directly sell beer (though those boundaries are constantly pushed), humour has become the marketer’s weapon of choice.

Accordingly, I present some of my favourite beer advertisements. These recommendations should no way be construed as recommendations of the products. Quite the reverse actually… [Click either links or pics to play.]

Magic Fridge (right) – One of many Bud Light Super Bowl commercials. Tragically, the marketing budgets of every craft brewery in New Zealand put together could not buy even one second of air time at the Super Bowl. None the less, this is a great ad for a very poor beer.

Stubby Symphony – This is the VB ad which got me thinking about this topic. It was sent to me with an unexpectedly strong recommendation to watch. It is quite amazing – particularly since they apparently actually do it for real! The conductor at the end is priceless too.

The Fox Hat (right) – An 18-second classic from Miller when it was looking to break into the UK market.

I’m convinced the guy in it is vaguely famous but perhaps the funniest aspect are the comments which make it clear that some people still don’t get the (not overly subtle) joke.

The Big Ad (right) – A brilliant viral ad from Carlton though they must have taken a few digital short cuts. It reminds me of those old British Airways ads but with more random chaos. Great soundtrack too.

Happy viewing.

Cheers, Neil


Anonymous said...

I have long been a fan of The Fox Hat Ad.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Bud Light?
Why on earth would anyone drink that.

Anonymous said...

Funny that these companies spend more money promoting their "beer" than making it. Essentially they are marketing companies.

I wonder why they choose to make beer, if you can call it that, rather than something else?

Neil said...

I think Paul hit the nail on the head - you can admire the ad without admiring the beer.

Stu's question is eternal...

Anonymous' question can not be answered...

The Tomahawk Kid said...

The comments to this video are eveny funnier than the video itself!

They have to be Americans surely!

Trying to explain that the name of the place isnt even import . . . aaarrhhh, who cares - just wear the fox hat! - come naked!