Thursday, 16 November 2006

Popular Not PC

Top ten most popular posts here at Not PC. Have you read them all?
Architecture V Architecture: John Soane's House, London
Frank Lloyd Wright: Broadacre City
A new 'Frank Lloyd Wright house' nears completion
Becky wants to knock her school down
Gravity research offers science fiction results
The fatalism of entropy. The dynamism of spontaneous order.
Stadium: What about the architecture?
Frank Lloyd Wright's Massaro house
Delusions and why people have them
Medal for gun dealer, not court
And here's the most popular searches landing here, and no surprise, there's some overlap:
broadacre city
john soane house
john soane's house
libertarians new zealand
label:live bookmarks toolbar
becky from dublin
bruce goff bavinger house first floor plan
pauson wright
alberto baruffi
gravity's secret martin tajmar
frei otto olympic park
peter cresswell
soane's house
gravity's secret gravitomagnetism
christina's world
swedish female soldiers
pictures of boobs
lucy lawless breast exposure
rape of the daughters paintings
knock my school down


  1. the second entry when you search for "swedish female soldiers". I don't know how you do it pc...

  2. And why would you be searching for Swedish female soldiers, Berend?


  3. Pc,

    Sorry if you have posted this before, but how do you get your google search report?



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