Wednesday, 15 November 2006

A new 'Frank Lloyd Wright house' nears completion

A new Frank Lloyd Wright building has almost been completed -- at least, there is controversy as to what extent it is still a Frank Lloyd Wright design.

The Massaro house, pictured left and above, was designed by Wright for a unique lakeside setting but never built -- until now. Anecdotal evidence suggested Wright thought it even better than Fallingwater, and the new and eager owner/builder, building from sketch plans developed by Wright, is now only weeks away from completion.

But controversy has erupted, with questions raised by Wright purists as to whether it can truly be called a Wright house ... Bloomberg has the story. Douglas Sanders and The Guardian have background to the story. Apple.Com has a trailer for a documentary on the house. And Graphisoft have a one-hour presentation on design, construction and documentation.

And of course, I did mention some of this before...

LINKS: Controversial Frank Lloyd Wright home rises; purists protest - Bloomberg.Com
Lake Mahopac house - Frank Lloyd Wright Newsblog (Douglas Sanders)
"Building Wright" - Apple.Com [film trailer]
Case Study: Massaro House - based on an original Frank Lloyd Wright design, ArchiCAD helps bring the project to life for the first time - Graphisoft
'This is his finest work' - Guardian

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