Thursday, 22 September 2005

Frank Lloyd Wright's Massaro house

Fifty-odd years ago Frank Loyd Wright designed a house in upstate New York on a rock protruding into a lake . It was never built. Now, Wright archivist and architect Thomas Heinz has been commissioned to have the building built, based only on the five pencil drawings produced by Wright in the fifties. Story here.

To produce the house, Heinz chose to use the same CAD programme that I use, ArchiCAD. Graphisoft, the company that produces ArchiCAD, have put together a fascinating 1-hour presentation with Heinz explaining the design and building process, which you can find here. You will need broadband to download the presentation (it's 92MB!), but well worth it! A documentary on the project is on its way.

Linked presentation here.


  1. PC, ArchiCAD is the Great Satan.

    Time to make a change for the better! AutoCAD ADT is the true path... You'll see the light eventually...

  2. Sorry for the tangent, but do you know if there are any 'virtual' restorations of Wright's Imperial Hotel? In an age where hotels appears to be carefully designed to be as anonymous as possible, I was stunned to pick up a book and see a design that was the exact opposite - every inch of the project (down the the china and cutlery in the dining rooms) subject to Wright's passionate eye.


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