Friday, 21 April 2006

Googling 'Not PC'

Top Google searches landing here at present, with links to where I think the searchers were looking. Looks like interest in recently suppressed matters has calmed down. For the moment. And kooks like a lot of people are interested in good architecture -- and why wouldn't they be? :-)

broadacre city (5th on Yahoo)
briar dravitski image (4th on Yahoo)
chris tame (5th)
classic sex (1st on Yahoo)
pruitt-igoe scheme (1st)
broadacre wright
broadacre city of frank lloyd wright (3rd on Yahoo)
clare swinney (2nd)
la iglesia de la milagrosa candela (1st)
pc sex
frank lloyd wright mile high illinois tower nuclear elevator (5th)
winebox enquiry 2006 (5th on Yahoo)
klingsor castle ruins (not on front page)
organon (2nd on Google Blog Search)
chicago mile high tower
paul sandby rocky coast by moonlight (1st)
robert harvey oshatz (3rd)
3d model desert house neutra (10th)
claude megson (10th)

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