Wednesday, 22 March 2006

UK libertarian Chris Tame passes away

News just in that Dr. Chris Tame, founder and president of of the UK Libertarian Alliance, has passed away. He was 55. Tributes have been posted at the links below, and in the comments to each of the posts.

LINKS: Chris Tame, RIP - Chris Sciabarra, Liberty & Power Blog
Dr Chris R Tame RIP - Founder and President of the Libertarian Alliance passes away - SOLO Passion
Chris Tame, founder of the Libertarian Alliance, has died - Tory Diary
Chris Tame, RIP - Hit and Run
Freedom dies a little. - Classically Liberal
In memoriam - Dissecting Leftism
Chris Tame R.I.P. - Samizdata
Voluntary World 2: You're on your own - Brian Micklethwait
In memoriam: The death of a great British defender of free speech - Tongue Tied

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