Saturday, 25 March 2006

1947 Palm Springs House - Richard Neutra

A much loved Palm Springs, California, house by Richard Neutra, from 1947.

To earn a point, see if you can be the first to post the connection between this house, and Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.

And for a bonus point, post the connection between the house and Ayn Rand. There is only one degree of separation in each case.

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Anonymous Joy said...

Fallingwater & the Desert House were both designed and built for Kaufmanns. I'm not sure if one was for the Sr., and one for the Jr.
Ayn Rand purchased a house by Neutra in the 1950's.

25 Mar 2006, 02:54:00  
Anonymous joy said...

Well, I messed up a bit on the Ayn Rand factoid. According to The Ayn Rand Institute:
1944 - Moves into Von Sternberg house designed by Richard Neutra (July)

I'll send myself to the back of the class now.

25 Mar 2006, 03:03:00  
Blogger PC said...

Well done Joy. Correct, in the end, on all counts. Head back to the front of the class and take a bow. :-)

26 Mar 2006, 15:34:00  

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