Monday, 27 March 2006

Sketch - Organon Architecture

A sketch of something in its early stages that's on the boards here at Organon Architecture.

TAGS: Architecture


  1. Well that certainly caught my eye... And keeps catching it... :) I can't wait see how it develops...

  2. I though you might be, ahem, interested. :-)

  3. Hmmm... That line down the bottom could be an inlet coastline or a riverbank. Know anyone with a house close to a river, Julian? ;-)

    PC, why is the paper crumpled up? You're not showing us one of your throw away jobs are you?

  4. It looks like it's soaring... I am incredibly intrigued. I desperately want to see the inside, and poke around in it. I want to stand on that deck in the warm sun, and look out onto the water. PC, see what you've gone and done? :)

    I don't suppose you perhaps have a higher resolution, say 1280x1024, for a desktop background? :)

    And I love the tree ferns... Nice touch. :)

    Andrew, yes, you'll have to come visit. Our current house/bach is of the traditional shed variety, but you're more than welcome to come and visit when you're over next time. I don't think our place has the right view to do a design like this justice. I'll keep a lookout for a bit of land that does, though. :) Perhaps I should buy the property of the neighbour in front of us. :)


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