Friday, 21 April 2006

Greens' co-leader candidates jostle non-aggressively for position

Looks like we'll know in a few days who's on the list of possible Green Party co-leader-persons because, as DPF puts it, "nominations close today for the role of Green co-leader with a Y chromosome." Both DPF and Vernon Small have a summary of the Y-chromosomed front-runners, which -- demonstrating that the Greens aren't always as insane as they're painted -- doesn't include Keith Locke.

Like DPF, I too am fascinated by what might be in Nandor's main pitch for the position, his paper posted on the party's members-only forum "Green solutions, not old Left solutions," explaining "why the Greens are not a left-wing party."

Fascinating. Do you think the phrase property rights appears in there at all? The legal recognition and protection of property rights is after all the pre-eminent way of preserving and protecting both the natural environment and the human environment. Do you think Nandor's finally cottoned on?

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