Sunday, 22 January 2006

Justice? In NZ? Surely you must be joking

Bet you haven't heard these reasons before for a one-night-stand you regret, or for which you're making excuses:
  • he/she was coming on to me
  • I was drunk
  • I'd just broken up with my partner/wife/husband/significant other
  • I felt sorry for him/her
  • I was depressed
  • I wasn't his/her first lay
  • I thought he/she was older than thirteen...
Huh? What's that? "Older than thirteen"? Yep, Briar Dravitski, the first woman in New Zealand convicted for sex with an underage boy pulled out the whole bag of excuses to explain why she partied with a group of thirteen-year-old runaways at her house, before taking one to bed and doing the deed on him. Twice. (And before you think the boy might really have enjoyed it, check out her photo -- but not just before lunch.)

"The boy was 17," she claimed in her defence, "but constable Bruce McIntosh, of New Plymouth police, said
there was 'absolutely no way he looked that old. "He was a kid who only turned 13 three days prior. He's a small, skinny kid, just like an average sized 13-year-old child." He said police had statements from witnesses who said Dravitski had said she had "wished he was older"... Judge Robert Murfitt described the incident as "an exploitative act" but said community work would be more appropriate than jail.

Don't we have great law? Head-butt a tourist in New Zealand and break his nose, and you get 'community service.' Sleep with a thirteen-year-old and you get 'community service.' But do something really serious, like cut down a tree on your own land or smoke some marijuana, and it's jail, jail, jail. Surely something wrong here, huh?

Linked Excuses: Why I had sex with a 13-year-old boy - Sunday Star-Times


  1. Insanity!

    I just read the linked article; you are absolutely right about the excuses.

    I ran out of sympathy for sob-jobs like Dravitsky many years ago.

    As for the boy, I doubt he'll be permanantly traumatised, but he needs to be a little more discriminating with who he sleeps with - when he hits 16 of course.

  2. When I first read 'Atlas Shrugged', I thought the political set-up was seriously exaggerated, to stress a point about govamint gone bad.

    Now I know it to be visionary!


  3. While I agree with the thrust of your post, I don't think you do your argument any good by specifically referring to how large the offender was. Some people actually like 'em big.

  4. Xavier, Did PC refer to her size?

  5. PC just mentioned not looking at her photo before lunch.

    When she seduced The Boy, she was wearing a boob tube, picture that at your peril.

  6. Peter did implicitly refer to the offender's appearance: (And before you think the boy might really have enjoyed it, check out her photo -- but not just before lunch.). I therefore retract 'size' from my original comment and replace with 'appearance'. The thrust of my point, however, still stands.

  7. What is the "thrust" of your point exactly? That the appearance of the woman is irrelevant to the arguement, or that some people like 'em big?

  8. Xavier (eventually) said: "While I agree with the thrust of your post, I don't think you do your argument any good by specifically referring to how [attractive]the offender was."

    But if you can't talk about how unattractive someone is when discussing whether or not the perpetratee enjoyed sex with them, then when can you, huh?

    And simple honesty requires the identification: she is not attractive to man.

  9. Xavier, she's an ugly fat tart and since the blog is called "not pc" WTF did you expect?
    You can find lots of other places where they'll tippy-toe around the truth, where you may be more comfortable....


  10. i know the fat pig she doesent even regret it and thinks she got off lightly

  11. Disgusting..


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