Wednesday, 3 September 2008

NOT PC's blog stats for August '08

Another good month here at NOT PC, in which Olympian goddesses were feted, political dullards were impuned and some strange blog searches found a home -- and the blog received its millionth visitor.  Here's some of the main stats for NOT PC's last month:

NZ Political Blog Rank for NOT PC: 6th (June, 6th)
Alexa Ranking, NZ: 687th (last month 590th)
Alexa Ranking, world: 252,163rd (last month 255,026th)
Avge. Monday to Friday readership: 1091/day (996)
Unique visits [from Statcounter] 30,481 (28,783)
Page views [from Statcounter] 47,029 (45,051)

Top posts this month:

Top referring sites
   Search engines 2729 referrals; Kiwiblog 1426; No Minister 1064; Libertarianz 827; Whale Oil 512;  AntiDismal 280; Lindsay Mitchell 265; Liberty Scott 241; SOLO 241; Mulholland Drive 231; NZ Capitalist 214; Cactus Kate 202; Chris Trotter 157; The Hive 155; Tumeke 135; Real Estate Blog 127;
Top searches landing here:
    not pc 689; nude olympians 542; boobs on bikes 324; elijah lineberry pinochet 92; archicad 12 90; nipcc 86; beer songs 82; peter cresswell 69; falufulu fisi david farrar telecom kiwi expat 58; sean fitzpatrick libertarian nz 55; broadacre city 49; china ready olympics 62; odd questions 42
They're reading NOT PC here:  
Top countries (measured this month by Google Analytics):
   NZ 53%; USA 21.5%; Australia 5.7%; UK 3.7%; Canada 1.9%; Germany 1.2%; India 1.0%; Italy 0.7%; Brazil 0.7%; Sweden 0.5%; Holland 0.5%;  Malaysia 0.4%; France 0.4%;
Top cities (measured by StatCounter):  
   Auckland 16.5%; Wellington 7.4%; Melbourne 5.1%; Christchurch 2.0%; Palmerston North 1.5%; Gothenburg 1.4%; Tacoma 1.3%; Sydney 1.2%; Chicago 1.1%; Miami 1.1%; London 0.9%
Readers' Browsers
   IE Explorer 48%; Firefox 41.9%; Safari 7.8%; Opera 2.3%
Readers' Connection Speeds
   Unknown 37.7%; DSl 34.9%; Cable 18.9%; T1 6.0%; Dial-up 3.9%

Cheers, and thanks to you all for reading and linking to NOT PC this month, 
Peter Cresswell

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