Friday, 29 August 2008

I'm a million-man blogger


Somewhere a few weeks back, in between posts on architecture and morality and politics and sport, this blog had its millionth reader.  As  of this morning (according to Statcounter), 1,035,076 of you have visited NOT PC since its birth in April, 2005, and hopefully found yourselves better for the experience -- or at least a little more informed.  I can't say that I write solely for your pleasure -- I quite enjoy the experience for its own sake, you understand -- but as Tom Waits has been heard to say, it'd be kinda lonely 'round here if none of you showed up: and you have, in steadily increasing numbers (as the graph above indicates) from all over the world (as the picture below shows) for which I'm mighty thankful.

Thank you.  Champagne has been ordered.

It's funny to reflect that just three years and six months ago, like many of you I barely knew what a 'blog' was, yet now -- hopefully like you -- I wouldn't know what to do without them.  My thanks to everyone who's helped make this one work, especially Dr Richard Goode, who called my bluff three years and four months ago and set up the blog for me after getting heartily sick of hearing me banging on about how I should start blogging.

Thanks Richard.  I have.



  1. Congratulations PC. While you could not imagine being without your blog, I now couldn't do without my daily diet of rational and thoughtful commentary from which I am nourished every day.


  2. Yeah... I'll enthusiastically second that, Julian! :-)

  3. Excellent PC. Nice graph. I concur with Julian.

    The most pressing problem is power supplies and I like your continuing series. Environmentalist creeps.

    (And good to hear some good of Goode)


  4. You've earned the champagne, congratulations.

  5. Well done. Interesting the hits you're getting from Africa and Asia.

  6. Well done for that achievement.

    Your readership graph, shows a similarity to the global warming hockey stick, in that it is trending up, and also becoming exponential at the tail end.

  7. Thanks everyone.

    "Interesting the hits you're getting from Africa and Asia."

    Yes, very. :-)

    And scary: the ones I'm getting from a few caves around the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.

    "Your readership graph, shows a similarity to the global warming hockey stick, in that it is trending up, and also becoming exponential at the tail end."

    Indeed. I believe computer modelling shows that by 2015 NOT PC will have approximately 4.5 billion readers, and world domination will be secure. ;^)

  8. Congrats, Peter! ..what a splendid result and I know large numbers of chaps keep coming back each day.

    (Still astounded you have a visitor from Togo)

  9. ... and look at all the dots in Australia! Given most of them can't read, I'm assuming that's just clumps of AFL'ers looking at the pictures - it would be interesting to do a before and after dot diagram around your nude Olympian post.

  10. Congratulations


  11. Well done!



  12. Always a pleasure to disagree with you. Will continue to give you hits from the proud welfare hivemind of Sweden! Congratulations on your milestone...


  13. Congrats PC! One of my top regulars on the interwebs. Gets better & better.

    - Sam P

  14. Congratulations from Germany!

    Make sure your government size won't get any bigger over there so I have a place to move to, if the EU bureaucracy keeps running wild. ;)

    Ciao, RexCramer

  15. What's the spike around the 14th of August??

  16. I suspect it was pervs looking for boobs on bikes.

    Or it could have been this. :-)

  17. Here's a suggestion, why not just do a "I wish Helen Clark got killed walking the dog yesterday, now my problems are over" post every now and then. Christ.

  18. Well done Peter, the Blogosphere and Libertarianism are both the better for having you involved.


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