Wednesday, 3 September 2008

"The dog ate my homework"

WinstonPetersNo He accused Bob Jones of losing his memory. He told the Herald's Audrey Young she was incompetent, and should resign. He sprayed venom at anyone who questioned the increasingly incredible stories he was spinning ... and now, just when the Serious Fraud Office is sniffing around, the necessary pieces of paper have fallen miraculously out of the back of Winston Peters' file. They show that Bob Jones donation did find a home; the law was broken (though it's too late now to prosecute); and the problem all along was that the dog ate Winston's homework.  His helpers stuffed up.  It was just "an administrative error."  Or in Peter Brown's words, "people make mistakes," "we're all human," "those sorts of things do happen." (Where was Winston when the shit hit the fan? He was still out looking for the dog.)

One wonders just what short of things were happening when the all too inhuman Dail Jones saw $100,000 sailing into an account, and then disappearing before his very lies.

One wonders whether Winston will now apologise to all he impugned, and renounce the baubles he mistakenly assumed.

One wonders whether the taxpayers, or even Parliamentary Services on behalf of taxpayers will ever see the $158,000 he stole to help buy the last election, and which he is still required to return.

Or, as a caller suggested on Leighton Smith's show, perhaps Winston's little helpers could try donating it all to the Alzheimers Trust?

Naturally, behaviour such as this is still sufficient to ensure Winston a place close to Helen's heart.  Clearly, even breaking the law is no bar to Helen's good graces, nor is being suspended as a minister any barrier to the retention of one's baubles, making it clear that:

    billboard_for_kiwiblog [Hat tip Clint Heine]

UPDATE 1: Lindsay Perigo tries to unravel the riddle of Winston.

UPDATE 2: Farrar updates the latest developments, including who's been ying to whom, who's been paid to lie and is not doing very well, and who's just plain incompetent.


  1. How stupid does Helen Clark think the electorate is? A rhetorical question, campers. She's thought us stupid for a long time. The Self-Anointed always do.

    But glibly explaining away NZ First's $25,000 donation as an 'administrative glitch' in order to keep them sweet for support for the ETS will not go unnoticed.

    And that is a separate issue to the bigger one from Mr Glenn. The PM's worries are not subsiding.

    She really ought to remember that no matter the outcome, mud sticks. Ask Steve Rickards.

  2. Steve? Try Clint!

    (Funny that I should confuse him with a big-time wrestler!) :)

  3. Sus


    Steve was one of the good guys. You must've been confusing him with King Curtis. And there is no way the King would have apologised to anyone for wrestling $25k out of them. He'd have kept the bulk of it and then done them in with the "big splash" should they have whined on to him.

    Did you know that the All Star Big Time Pro Wrestling show was TVNZ's biggest export for years and years? Hear tell it was huge in the Mid East! Who'd have thought it?


    BTW the members of the electorate are in the overwhelming vast majority utterly and completely stupid. There was a politician who once went on the record as saying that it was not possible to underestimate the crass stupidity of the electorate. When it was pointed out to him that the people of the electorate were the ones who'd elected him, he replied, "Exactly."

    Was he refreshingly honest? Were the voters such morons as he asserted? Were they all morons- MP and voters alike?

  4. And this is why John Key is wrong - fatally wrong, perhaps - to leave things to the "court of public opinion" AKA the general election.

    Labour and NZF should not be allowed to plead before that (or any other) court.

    they have been judged by the SFO and the Electoral Commission. They have been found guilty of perverting democracy.

    They should not be permitted to take part in NZ's electoral system or government ever again.


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