Friday, 15 August 2008

Tragedy on the mountain

When breaking news came through last night that there'd been a tragedy in Helen Clark's group out tramping near Tekapo, I'm sure I wasn't the only one hoping for good news. After all, there were cabinet ministers on this trip too.

Sadly, it turns out the thunderbolt missed all those who deserved to get it, and took out what must have been the only decent person in the party -- well-respected mountain guide Gottlieb Braun-Elwert -- which is a tragedy twice over, really.


  1. lol! I made a similar comment over at No Minister--the resident lefty there is all pouty about people daring to score cheap political points from this incident.
    The poor, fragile wee dears...but they feel free to fling faeces when it suits them.

  2. I am sure I will be called a socialist pomo-wanker - but nasty unnecessary comments like these are why people call us things like "the poisonous Kiwi-blog right".

  3. Yes, Peter, you should immediately embrace marxism, totalitarianism, the telling of lies, high taxation, numerous regulations, and that you will be forthwith described as the "poisonous kiwi-blog left", which, afterall, is all anyone would aspire to be...and criticism from the left is something we should all be terrified of.

  4. Luke H your reaction is precisely why the left are able to dictate the terms of the debate.
    I don't give a fuck if I'm referred to as a poisonous right-wing blogger if that description comes from the scum that comprise the left.
    It's a compliment as far as I'm concerned.
    Oh--and what Elijah said. Exactly.

  5. I don't claim to be moral or decent or caring or anything else as defined by the left because in order to do so, I'd have to fit my views and my behaviour into a template constructed by them.
    Can't you see the trap they set here?

  6. To clarify, kg, I wasn't referring to your comment. I was speaking to PC there.

  7. Let it be Luke - it's a dog whistle. And a lame one at that.
    More good publicity for Libz

  8. For someone who purports to be a gentleman of taste and erudition, this post was a sad slip in judgment. If nothing else it reduces you to the level of the frothy-mouthed cretins slobbering their hate in the above comments. Pity, that.

  9. A few of you are labouring under the illusion that I should feel some respect for parasites like Helen Clark, David Parker and Damien O'Connor.

    Have I ever said anything, or they ever done anything, to suggest I should?

  10. You are a fucking cretin PC, it's a shame your finely honed powers of logic and reason can't seem to deduce this fact, nobody is asking you to 'respect' any of the people involved. Snide posts on other peoples misfortune are just plain bad form.
    Nothing like letting your lack of breeding show in public.
    Congratulations, idiot.

  11. Oh would some of you chaps get your hands off your cock?!?!

    Your comments show your own indocrination of socialist political correct behaviour and lack of breeding.

    (f****g peasants!)

  12. Oh would some of you chaps get your hands off your cock

    Ok, gentlemen Elijah has just announced that he wants all those cocks for himself, because it is his specialty to play with them.

  13. PC just stated what many (including me) thought/hoped for on first hearing the news. That people would consider it Ok to think these things but not actually say it out loud shows that they are mealy mouthed cowards.

    A person who heads an organisation that threatens, intimidates, and steals and is the architect of many people's misfortune( to quote the lowlife above) deserved that thunderbolt....NOT the mountain guide.


  14. Oh Janed, gosh..only if the cocks are circumcised (like all 'normal' chaps)..ha ha!

    But well done to Julian! splendid comments!

  15. What Julian said.

    as for: "Snide posts on other peoples misfortune are just plain bad form."
    You mean, there's a form guide
    for bloggers?
    Gosh, all these years blogging, and I missed that.
    Scooper appears to be incapable of grasping the esoteric concept that some assholes deserve their bad fortune. It's called karma. :-)

  16. I made a similar comment over at No Minister--the resident lefty there is all pouty...

    The "resident lefty" merely pointed out the irony in No Minister making cheap political capital out of someone's death, while accusing the PM of being likely to do the same thing. I'm glad that you guys post shit like this, it makes highlighting your moral and intellectual bankruptcy that much easier.

  17. Moral Bankruptcy {Insert Tui Ad Here}

  18. Ah, but for a change the right were the ones to employ the tactic, PM.
    Don't pretend the left hasn't done the same thing again and again.
    What's up, don't like the taste of your own medicine?
    And for a leftist to talk about moral bankruptcy is hilarious--you lot never yet met a moral you couldn't fuck over.

  19. PC--you are degrading yourself here. This was a personal tragedy, the PM having lost a friend while recreating. Your professed hopes for her death are tasteless and irrelevant. Moreover, there is no way for her to politically spin it in her favour without negative repercussions. In fact, it has only been the radical Right that speculate as to how she can score political points on a good man's death. You, as a free thinker, should be foremost amongst those condemning the morons who engage in vicious hate-mongering by way of celebration--yes, triumphant celebration--of the untimely nature of this good man's death simply because he choose to be friends with a person who happens to be the PM. You equate her to Hitler and Stalin (which begs the question as to whether you are high when you write such things), and your tail-chasing devotees whip themselves into a lather over your desire to see her dead. If you have an ounce of decency in your bones you would see that this is not on. But then again, maybe once it gets past architecture and aesthetics, you are the type who Ann Rand hated the most--a poseur advocating freedom and civility while actually habouring a closet authoritarian desire to impose your worldview on others. Plus, you would never be caught dead in the same room with some of the trolls who now gravitate to your blog. Shame on you.

  20. Me: I am sure I will be called a socialist pomo-wanker ...

    Elijah: Your comments show your own indocrination of socialist political correct behaviour and lack of breeding.

    Thanks for proving me right, Elijah!

    But I think you are mistaken. The correct behaviour, if one wanted to show their proper "breeding" would be to refrain from pathetic comments like 'Oh my, if only if it had been Helen who had keeled over and died'. Some people cannot resist such cheap shots, it would appear.

  21. Shit-oh-dear there are some precious wee turds whining and moaning about some comments related to the demise of Herr Gottlieb von Wattisname.

    Look, the guy was a personal mate of Helen and her mob of exploiters and hangers on. They are all lefty thugs living at the trough of other people's money. Quite a group. That guy was one of them. He should be jugdged by the company he kept (for many, many years). He's dead. Pity the lot of them are not dead.


  22. Luke...I made no such comments. are only the second person I have ever seen use the word "recreating"; the other, curiously, was former US President George H W Bush.

  23. In spite of this being a peurile dog whistle, let me remind you of Timothy McVeigh, and the sort of person who is enabled by this illbegotten post.

    McVeigh was a homegrown white terrorist who committed the worse act of American homicide in that great nation. Not Muslims. That one AMERICAN TERRORIST was and is the biggest mass murderer in American History.

    Does anyone realise how little he and the Oklahoma City Bombing is discussed when right wing and libertarian bloggers do all the hand-wringing and hate-mongering?

    Don't get mad at the truth.

    Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  24. Ruth...I am somewhat confused at your reference to Timothy McVeigh.

    Did you post that on the wrong comments section and perhaps meant to include it on another post? (these things happen)

  25. I don't think you are confused 'Elijah'. PC would like Helen Clark and other people associated with her dead.

    I know how he feels, as just about everyone in my family has been anarchistic. But our intelligence - if you will - has stopped us in our tracks.

    People of lesser intelligence are emboldened to carry out their fantasies when they read a post such as this. Suicide bombers are an example.

    A good post about extremism is here :

    And this is what PC promotes and encourages with his hate. But a new Libertaian Party will be coming soon, so never fear ;-)

  26. "PC would like Helen Clark and other people associated with her dead."
    There's a vast difference between not feeling any sorrow at somebody's demise, and actually wanting them dead Ruth--but then I suppose somebody with your vaunted high intelligence realises that simple fact..
    Which means your comment is simply dishonest.
    Quelle surprise!

  27. That's ok KG - you are not welocme in our new party. We are going to have some quality control. In fact you frequently call for the death of liberals, Muslims and anyone who disagrees with you.

    When us Jews say 'never again' we mean never again for ALL people, not just us.

  28. Has the party been formed?

    ...the General Election is in less than three months time so you had better get cracking on obtaining those 500 lunatics, opps, I mean 'members' in order to be on the ballot paper.

    I am sure talking about 'multi-culturalism' will go down well in an electorate like Tamaki...(that great bastion of multi-culturalism).. where I am getting a dozen or so people per day saying how delighted they are that a candidate is telling the truth and not politically correct.

  29. No it hasn't, but we are looking at Ralph Norris as Leader to contest the 2011 election. He is a 'Westie' as am I and many of our *honest* executive supporters.

    We are not bus-depot barrow boys like yourself.

    Your party is dead but it won't lie down.

    In fact I would like to bet with you - say $1000 - that you will not get more than 2000 votes in this 2008 election.

    Here are a few suggested rules.

    1. In order for me to win the bet, the libz vote has to be under 2000 in the Novemebr election. If not, you win the bet.

    2.Myself and you have to pay NZ$1000 to the referee in less than 7 days after we decide who the referee is. I suggest Peter Cresswell.

    3. The referee will then email me and you informing us that we have paid up.

    4. The referee may keep the interest earned on the NZ$2,000 sitting in his bank account for the 90 days or whatever as a reward for his services.

    5. The referee will pay NZ$2000 to the winner of the bet before Dec 30 2008.

    Elijah Do you agree with these rules?

    Are there any others that we need to add?

  30. You want to bet me $1000 the Libertarianz will receive 2001 votes (or more) at the forthcoming General Election?

    In view of the number of 'people' residing in cemetaries ..(let alone living people, let alone names my staff have simply made up).. I have already enrolled to vote who are just 'dying' (ha ha ha!) to vote Libertarianz on election day...ummmmm...are you sure you want to make such a bet? ..and if so, want to make it, say, $50 million? ..$50 Million the Libz get 2001 votes or more?

  31. Elijah, are you going to K'Rd tonight to look for a circumcised cock? Lots of them there.

  32. This post does seem a bit out of character after all the hand wringing over the death of a tagger awhile back.

  33. David Farrar did go a tad overboard with the censorship on this topic:
    Death reported
    Looks like Russell Brown's constant nagging for David to censor the comments at Kiwiblog is finally bearing fruit. Maybe David's blog should now be called "Public Address 2", "Censored News".

    So much for the Libertarian credentials. Just another plain vanilla reactionary conservative showing their true colours. (I guess his whole attitude to the government's dealing of Telecom should have been a warning).

    Anyway, enjoy the hypocrisy over the link for a good laugh.

  34. Just accept the god'damned bet Elijah.

  35. Gottlieb U-B was a competent mountain guide but was also a complete pain in the arse on any issue in the high country.
    Helen Clark and her fellow hut dwellers may be sobered up by the fact that there are some absolutes in life after all.
    My concern is they may attempt to immortalize the late mountain guide in the form of some of his pet wishes. Basically the utter no-use [unles you were Gottlieb] preservationist mantra that got up the nose of evry high country station owner.

  36. So that guy was pretty much another example of the type who wants to take control over other people's lives and property and also wants exclusive "rights", power and statuts for himself.

    No loss then.


  37. Have we got a confirm that this Gottlieb U-B character was actually a New Zealand citizen. Sure he lived here in New Zealand for thirty plus years and was married to a kiwi but citizenship requires an active, actionable effort to apply for and receive it.

    Otherwise the guy was a German telling the locals what to with their own high country.


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