Sunday, 3 June 2007

May Blog Stats

General Stats
Unique Visitors: 19,686
Page Views: 31,083
Highest Visitors/Page Views per Day: 913/1540

Most Popular Posts:
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(sites sending more than 100 referrals this way, ranked in order. Thanks everyone. ): [guess that's all over ... anyone know what's going on there?]

Top Ten Countries Reading Not PC in May
New Zealand

And here's the Most Popular Search Terms (I kid you not):
not pc blog
falafulu fisi phd in signal detectability
tim wikiriwhi
broadacre city
not pc
"berend de boer" (mutation or mutations)
ayn rand on altruism pc
eddie visits occasionally
becky wants to knock her school down
pc blogspot
michael fasher not pc
frank lloyd wright mile high not-pc
charlatan jeanette wilson

Clearly some of my commenters have become famous in their own right!


  1. Then perhaps you could stop acting like every 'ruth' and anon commenter is me Peter. I think you have done enough damage in that respect.

  2. Perhaps the situation could be more easily resolved if you stopped posting as either Ruth or Anon -- or indeed stopped posting here at all, as you've been repeatedly asked to do

  3. Hi Ruth,

    Do you think that you copyright the name Ruth in the world of blogosphere ? Look ruth, there are thousands of ruth in the world, and the name is not yours to claim that you own it. I made some posts at DPF and then you came in after and applogize that it wasn't you? So, who the fuck are you? Are you Ruth WHO? So, stop fucking being obsessive with the name Ruth in the blogosphere because that name is not unique and there are million ruths out there? Do you remember the Fran Walsh story in the media about a year ago? Fran Walsh (peter jaskson's partner) claimed that here name was being misquoted and demanded that the other Fran Walsh (the journalist) not use her name in articles that she published? Well, fuck Fran Walsh Peter Jackson, because the name is not copyrighted and not only that, the Fran Walsh the journalist is her real name.

    So, fuck you Ruth , whomever your last name is, and don't whinging on the blogosphere about that Ruth is not me, because really no one really knows who is fucking Ruth?

    Well, I am the Ruth who earns $60,000 a year. So, you can call yourself the Ruth who earns 500,000 and that will differentiate between the two of us.

  4. falafulu fisi phd in signal detectability

    Yes, I know who searched for falafulu fisi phd in signal detectability, it was Eddie who visits occasionally. The phd in signal detectability was mentioned by Brian S during the debate about Quantum Physics back in December 2006 regarding the existing of multiple universes. Brian responded to me in that thread by saying that he's got a PhD is signal detectability. DSP (digital signal processing) is one of my specialist area, where I do develop & know inside out the algorithms involved. It does basically mean that I read a few peer review journals in signal processing such as the popular IEEE Transaction in Digital Signal Processing and a few others. Reading peer review papers helps a lot is algorithm development, because those publications give a step-by-step detail to the reader of how to implement them (software-wise). Anyone who is interested in the development of the latest state-of-the-art technology must read peer review journals.

    Eddie visits occasionally, thought to check out by Googling who Falafulu Fisi is and also find out what his background is. He came back to make a post at Sir Humphrey in that thread saying that I claimed to have a phd in signal detectability, which is something I never made. Anyway , Eddie apologized for that and we have moved on.

  5. "Yes, I know who searched for falafulu fisi phd in signal detectability..."

    It sure seems an odd thing to search for 121 times in one month, peaking (damn, Google Analytics is good)at 13 hits on 22 May! That's almost stalker territory.

    Eh Ruth. ;^)

  6. This journal IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING (IEEE-TSP) is available for online subscription but however anyone wants to read the print publication can go to the University of Auckland School of Engineering Library and get them there. Bound volume of this journal go as far back as 1967, but also monthly new issues arrive regularly. What sort of articles you expect to find in IEEE-TSP ? It ranges from models in area of:

    - Climate Modeling
    - Speech recognition
    - Voice recognition
    - Image Processing
    - Music Recognition
    - Image Recognition
    - Medical Instrumentation
    - DNA & Gene sequencing analysis
    - Search Engine & Information Retrieval
    - Economics/Finance
    - Computer Network Intrusion Detection
    - Robotics
    - and many more...

    I don't think that Dr. David Wratt, from NIWA, who advises the government on climate change read this journal at all, since it is not a climate science journal. It means that he and the likes of warmists might have missed out on recent advances in the application of signal processing for climate modeling. I am sure that I can talk about climate modeling techniques that people at NIWA had never heard of in their whole life time as climate researchers.

    I think that this is the reason why Eddie visits occasionally is irritated in debating with me, because I am being dismissive about the claim & authority of IPCC climate scientists. I think that he thinks that because that they are climate scientists, they can't be questioned. He forgets that the debate about AGW are about the validity of computer modeling and not the observations. This puts me right in the middle of the debate because this is what I eat & drink everyday, number-crunching.

    Eddie visits occasionally said that he was frustrated with Falafulu regarding the debate about AGW.

  7. Drunken Watchman5 Jun 2007, 19:45:00

    signal detectablitiy? ..that some new kind of taste test?

  8. Drunken Watchman said...
    that some new kind of taste test

    Yes, it is to test the taste of the Waikato beer. Good to hear from you Drunken Watchman!

  9. "...that some new kind of taste test?"

    Nobody here with taste. Hadn't you heard. ;^)


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