Monday, 4 June 2007

"The increasingly warm and inclusive Mr Key said he could work with anyone..."

I do love the Kiwi Herald. From this weekend's political report comes this gem:
John Key today offered Bishop Brian Tamaki a Cardinalship should the Destiny New Zealand Party join the Key led Government following the next election. The move came shortly after the National Party leader stunned observors by saying that he was prepared to appoint a Green Party member as Minister for the Environment in exchange for that party's support.
Announcing the offer, the increasingly warm and inclusive Mr Key said that he could work with anyone...
See KIWI HERALD: Tamaki, Taito Offered Cabinet Posts.


  1. Why be surprised? Bolger sold out to Winston, English would have done so again to stay in power.

    It would be telling indeed that Labour, which has never formed a coalition with the Greens (but has had a confidence and supply agreement, once, out of necessity 1999-2002) looks more principled that National.

    Given current polling why do the Nats need to give a rat's arse what the Greens think?

  2. William Bennadict (Ben)5 Jun 2007, 06:58:00

    Get ready for hard times ahead. Carbon tax. More expensive everything (cars, electricity, rates, tax, interest rates, petrol & diesel, heating oil and coal, consumer goods). National will not alter the vision of the reds. They never have, they just embrace and conserve.

    All National has ever been interested in doing is preserving priveledge for certain interests and that's about it. Key will do as he's advised... Flakey indeed they all be.

    I reckon what youse will see is an increasingly violent and impoverished society. Well done kiwis.

  3. This is disgusting. I'm beggining to wish we had Don back. At least he fuffiled his role as leader of the oppisition by actualy OPPOSING people. John is one of those people who let their politics decide their ethics (and not vice-versa like most sane people).

    BTW why does Tamaki need Key to cardinalise himself? He self proclaimed himself a bishop without any of his followers seeing him as power hungry.


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