Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Top searches landing here this week

No surprise that females in uniform excite some people. No suprise either to see Nicky Hagar and totalitarianism featuring together in a list.

female soldiers in uniform (11th on MSN search)
mt. laurel alabama new urbanism (1st on Yahoo Search)
seven lesson schoolteacher (7th)
Libertarian basics (3rd)
pc sex (3rd on Yahoo)
nicky hagar (not on front page)
totalitarianism (10th on Google Blog Search)
"undercover economist" "tim harford" wonderful (not on front page)
jorn utzon (7th on MSN)
maoritv (not on front page)
billy ice bagging (2nd on MSN)
"giving good tongue" (2nd)
kilo cocaine value (not on front page)

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