Wednesday, 18 May 2005

The Seven-Lesson School Teacher

With all the talk recently about what should and shouldn't be going on in the classroom, Sir Humphries has reprinted here John Taylor Gatto's Seven-Lesson Teacher explaining what does go on in the state's classrooms.

The external scars that students bear are not the worst part; what's worse is what's happening to student's minds.

Frightening reading, as are some of these quotes on education I posted here a couple of weeks ago. Are people waking up?

And if you're curious about the libertarian view on education then have another look at this.


  1. Wow, more people should read that article.

  2. And it is ACT's policy as well. But ACT wants to convince the nation their is a better way and has a viable policy to get their. That's the main difference with the Libertarianz, they have excellent policies, but no road map.

  3. Excellent info PC. Sadly I think most of us know in "our bones" that education as it is, is up shit creek without a paddle. Too many consultants getting paid huge fees for their 'educational' advice and who are nowhere to be found when things don't work out as they predicted.

    The more powerful the microscope, the farther up their arse they get. Prising their fingers off the microscope is one of the most difficult things, because they KNOW they're right. Keep up the good work m8.

  4. John Waterman: the worst travesties are committed by the Educational Studies types who work in the teachers colleges and ultimately determine the nature of classroom 'management' and how the curriculum is covered.


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