Thursday, 14 July 2005

Maori TV

It seems I'm to be on 'Eye to Eye' this week discussing the issue of Maori broadcasting, and specifically Maori TV. Feel free to suggest suitably reasoned lines of argument I might adopt. :-)


  1. That is really good news PC. But, please tell me (us), what is ‘Eye to Eye’? Is it on telly? If so, what time and date. I’m sure if it was radio it would be ‘Ear to Ear’ – so probably is telly.

    Is it any wonder Libz do not have a high profile? You have the opportunity to inject some libertarian ideas (intelligence) into one of the NZ media outlets and all you do is write a few lines on a medium which (as yet) does not have a million readers per day. Please buck up PC; this country NEEDS you! It needs libertarian ideas, and it needs to know where and when ‘Eye to Eye’ is broadcasting.

    PS: Now there’s a target – one million readers per day. Are you up to it?

  2. Yep, 'Eye to Eye' is on telly. TV One Sat 9:30 am, and repeated Tuesday evening late-ish. Fronted by Willie Jackson.

    I suspect it's my few lines a day that helped secure this opportunity, amongst others. :-)

    "Now there’s a target – one million readers per day. Are you up to it?"

    I'm up for it. What's your plan? :-)

  3. Oh, and do be assured I do have many reasoned lines of argument I do plan to inject into the debate. ;^)

  4. The issue of Maori broadcasting is an important one. At the moment, the MaoriTV channel is absurd, irrelivent, biassed and unwatchable. I've seriously attempted to watch the channel on several occasions, my girlfriend (who is Maori) tells me to turn it off, or onto something more socially relevant, like Shorty for example.

    No commercial advertiser will touch MaoriTV (just watch it for 30min and see for yourself), which exposes just how unpleasant MaoriTV is. However, there are ad breaks which are loaded with govt sponsored stop smoking campaigns, working for families advertising and so on. I saw one fierce advert late last year with Dr Ranginui Walker reminding Maori just how important and special they are and how proud they should be of this fact.

    No-one watches the channel (except the scientifically curious). The best thing that could happen to Maori Television would be the immediate sale of the station, allowing commercially viable shows to be added, encouraging Maori to tune in.

    Put simply, Maori TV is an insult to Maori and their intelligence. Its so heavily and obviously laced with propaganda that it makes your eyes water.

    Still, lets give Maori Tv a chance by letting it stand on its own two feet. Sell it or give it away, Thats my opinion.

  5. I have you believe in the year 2008 that Maori TV is still going and it now has a second channel which is 100% Maori. Maori TV was set up by law to protect the maori language and there is a growing need to futher adequately provide for the growing nation of toddlers who are now speaking Maori.
    I don't think your wife could call herself Maori all rather she would fit in to the TVNZ programming charter which TVNZ CEO Rick Ellis says that yr so called shorty st and Police Ten-7 caters to Maori for learning Maori. Get REAL!

  6. kia ora... you p.c should have been at the indigenous language conference! little do you know how well maori tv are doing!
    we are experiencing new change... were bringing maori back! yeah.. we have been trying for 100s of years to get our voices out there... so dont try those ones ah..your wife... yes well,may need to go back to her roots!

  7. maori like seeing maori... we put up with coronation st and nz idol... this is life. this lands first language is maori... what do you expect!!! and who needs ads... maori are on to it!!! we hate ads...

  8. robin thomsen
    honest to who your girlfriend is Maori and told you to turn off Maori television or change the channel. Obviously she isnt true to her culture and its customs.
    Maori television is for all ages all people and its in two languages. it is New Zealands channel!


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