Monday, 29 August 2005

Libertarian basics

One thing I reflected on over the weekend was that every libertarian has their own way of presenting the libertarian argument. There are as many styles of presentation as their are libertarians.

For example, Arnold Kling at TechCentralStation has a much gentler style than I do. You'd never find him arguing that the world would be a better place when the last politician has been strangled with the guts of the last bureaucrat. Instead, he will say things such as:
I believe that you will find that when government power is held in check, people solve problems by creating institutions that are less coercive and more effective. That is not a utopian vision. It is not an irrefutable proof. But for me, it is a sound basis for libertarianism.
Read Arnold's Libertarian Basics if you prefer the gentler method of argumentation.

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