Friday, 13 February 2009

Popular NOT PC for Black Friday, January 2009

Phew!  It’s been a scorcher of a week here in Auckland.  Yesterday was the hottest day since 1872, and I’ll wager it wasn’t as humid on that day back then. 

It’s been seven days dominated by Waitangi, talk of “stimulus” (most of it on the economic front), and overshadowed in this part of the world at least by the tragedy in Victoria.

Here’s what proved the most popular of this week’s posts here at NOT PC, as judged by how many readers visited them.

  • Waitangi Day Ramble
    A ramble through a whole bunch o’links that grabbed my eye, and obviously yours as well.
  • Failure?
    My short comment on the death of Antonie Dixon seemed to attract some disagreement …
  • The "John Galt Effect"
    Scientist Arthur Robinson identifies an “opportunity cost” about which many economists appear altogether ignorant, and about which economist George Reisman appears to think it’s about to be ratcheted up another stop.
  • Minimum wage rise: everybody loses
    Minimum wage laws aren’t a “balancing act.”  Abolish them and everybody actually wins – unlike what happens when you raise wages in the teeth of a depression.
  • Cash for conquests
    The new National Government’s approach to Treaty negotiations looks like this National-led Government is going to be as generous in doling out taxpayers’ money for imagined slights as the last National-led Government, if its promised taxpayer-funded payout to the descendants of one of NZ’s most infamous murderers is any guide.
  • LIBERTARIAN SUS: Political Correctness = Fear
    There’s more than one way to exercise control, says Susan Ryder.
  • Douglas offers taxpayers a ‘Conscientious Objection Option’
    Roger Douglas has been reading Libz policy again, and (with America’s National Review looking on) he’s put it at the heart of his new plan to rescue the economy and put it on the path to prosperity.

Thanks for reading and commenting. It would have been awful lonely if nobody here had shown up.  :-)
Cheers, Peter Cresswell

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  1. "Scorcher" last week? No. Scorcher I can tolerate -- (although a number of Victorians would beg to differ, poor souls).

    It was a fair dinkum steam bath. And it was lovely to wake up & find it gone. :)


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