Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Douglas offers taxpayers a ‘Conscientious Objection Option’ [update 2]

Roger Douglas has been reading Libz policy again, and he’s put it at the heart of his new plan to save the economy and put it on the path to prosperity, to be announced at Orewa tonight. 

Libz have pushed for a tax-free threshold for income tax of $50,000.  Douglas is willing to allow $30,000.

Libz have for years pushed for a ‘Brian Edwards Option,’ allowing those like Edwards who advocate higher taxes to keep paying them and to keep receiving state-funded health and education, while the rest of us can opt out and in return look after our own health, welfare and education.  We call this last the Conscientious Objection Option, which over time would become the preferred option.  Douglas is allowing an “opt in” system which is not a million miles away, and not at all difficult to introduce. Says Douglas,

I believe that the only way to change our economic prospects is to radically redesign our income tax system in concert with our social welfare system. Individuals should have the ability to opt in to the new system. Individuals who like high tax rates and monopoly-run health, welfare, education, and superannuation services can stick with the old system. But if you want to opt out of that failing system, then you should be able to have a lower tax burden in exchange for taking personal responsibility over your life.

It’s not all that’s needed by a long chalk, but it’s a start.  Would that he were listened to.

UPDATE 2: The only things that travels faster than bushfires is ideas.  From Libz, to Douglas to America’s influential National Review Online in … less time than it takes for politicians to start pointing the finger.

Libertarianz: setting brushfires in people’s minds since 1996. [Hat tip New Zeal]


  1. Footage of the speech:


    He looks younger without the mustache.

  2. Is this the same Sir Roger Douglas who will be voting for the Budget which runs a $6 Billion deficit? ..who will be voting to double Government debt by 2014?


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