Friday, 13 February 2009

Beer O’Clock: EPIC takes on the world!

  First, Epic came on stream just for Cock and Bull drinkers.  Then it came for beer drinkers and bottle stores across New Zealand.  And now, with the invitation to brewer Luke Nicholas for his multi-award winning Epic Pale Ale to be one of six beers included in the International Real Ale Festival in the UK later this year, it’s now heading towards world domination – and deservedly so.

Nicholas will be brewing 100,000 pints just for this festival.  From the Epic Beer website:

Ale-Fest-A2-VR-724548    “Since launching in May 2006, Epic Pale Ale has won major beer awards and critical acclaim. Most New Zealander’s are only just beginning to discover the flavours I like to pack into my beer. It’s still quite unknown here but is gaining an international reputation as a ‘must-try’ New Zealand beer. International judges and experts that have tried it, hold it in high regard. Maybe brewing for the biggest festival in Britain will create a little profile and help Kiwis realise what they have on their doorstep!”
    Luke has amassed a history of top awards for his beers over the last decade including the unique distinction of brewing the Supreme Champion Beer of New Zealand a record three times. He is raring to unleash his beer on unsuspecting British palates.
    “Another Kiwi brewery sent the Brits a pub. Epic is sending them the brewer. They won’t know what hit them!” Luke laughs.

Get some in now, before the poms take it away for good.  And keep up with Beer O’Clock here at NOT PC so you can get in early on a good thing.

Cheers, PC


  1. I have Beer O'Clock to thank for previously introducing this brew to me.

  2. Epic, must be a peculiarly Auckland, brew. I go out of my way to sample every ale I can lay my hands-on, and to date this is the first mention I’ve seen of it, here in Christchurch.

  3. It's available on tap at The Malthouse in Keynesia. Plus in six-packs at most good supermarkets.

  4. In terms of marketing "across New Zealand" means "across the North Island" for this brew. Last time I looked, Wellington (The Malt House) was floating northwards of where I reside. Certainly never made it into my Christchurch supermarket,nor is it on tap anywhere I've been to, which is a few pubs.Makes you wonder why they would tackle U.K before their home market?

  5. No Epic? Another reason not to live in Christchurch!

    I'll get me coat...

  6. Find Epic in Christchurch at:
    Fresh Choice Merivale & Barrington, New World Halswell, Liquorland Riccarton & Tower St, Super Liquor Colombo and Papanui, Franks Liquor, The Grape Escape, Kaiapoi Liquor Centre, Village Grape Sumner, Thirsty Weta, London St Bar, Twisted Hop

  7. Also available at Moore Wilsons in the Wellington area. About a dollar a bottle cheaper at MW than it was at New World supermarket - although no longer available there.

  8. Cheers for that Lena. The bad news is Liquorland, Riccarton don't stock it any more (or were out?)The good news is I'm going to The Twisted Hop next Thursday and make my appraisal then. Paul.

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