Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Five best places to hangout if you're a Frank Lloyd Wright fan


The good folk at the Ottawa Citizen have selected their "five best places to hangout if you're a Frank Lloyd Wright fan."  (I guess it's the sort of thing you do in Ottawa in midwinter when the snow's coming up past your navel.)

The list includes the Darwin Martin house, the Price Tower (left), the Guggenheim Museum and Taliesin West -- all by Wright, most of which I've featured here before and two of which I've visited -- along with the Falling Rock Hotel in Pennsylvania, a "chic new hotel...wonderfully close to the most acclaimed of Wright's works, Fallingwater, and his lesser known Kentuck Knob." 

One assumes this to be a subtle advertorial on behalf of the "chic new hotel" (I'm suspicious like that), but since it allows me to link again to posts on some of my favourite Wright buildings, how much harm can it do.

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