Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim

Can you see Hubbard and Hucker's Planning Advisory Taskforce approving this?


  1. not likely...if the guy who designed the sky tower is advising them....

  2. C'mon.
    It's better than Centrepoint and gives some kind of focus to the Auckland skyline. It's hardly distinguished but I'm struggling to think of another building in Auckland (public and large) that is.

  3. Don't dis the Skytower.

    Look PC, it's a brave new world of design now. If you want an image of the future to base your designs on just go take a look at it here..


    Design yourself a house that looks like Hubbards cerial cartons and you'll be fast tracked through the red tape. Stear away from Weet-bix boxes though or the Mayor will surely be against you.

  4. Lloydois, you said, "It's hardly distinguished but I'm struggling to think of another building in Auckland (public and large) that is."

    How about the Auckland University Old Arts Building and Clock Tower. That's one of my favourites -- and designed by one of Frank Lloyd Wrights draughtsmen's draughtsman too. ;^)

  5. You are correct of course.The wonder is we have any old beautiful buildings left, so much has disappeared to be replaced by singularly boring or just plain ugly buldings of no distinction at all. Auckland must have one of the most mundane skylines in the Western world. It's lucky its physical setting is so blessed.

  6. If only NZ had just one Frank Lloyd Wright, things would be different...

  7. sadly Frank is no longer with us......but we do have PC


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