Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Fallingwater movie

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater was probably the residential masterpiece of the twentieth century (which is why it's been posted and talked about here before). It's a house that makes hard-bitten critics feeling like singing, and the pulse of people like Stephen Hicks pounding.

Most of us aren't able to visit is as regularly as we'd like, but we can enjoy professionally done computer-graphic videos like these.


UPDATE: More short movies here of 'Usonia,' Frank Lloyd Wright's vision for America, from the good people at Columbia University's Digital Design Lab -- including a flight around Wright's Mile High Tower!
The term Usonia was often invoked by Frank Lloyd Wright to describe his vision for the American landscape. A 1958 drawing by Wright, entitled "The Living City", gave the world an enticing glimpse of this vision. As an alternative to America's urban ills, Wright proposed a balanced synthesis of architecture and landscape that would stretch from coast to coast. Now, forty years after the death of Frank Lloyd Wright, you are invited to explore USONIA. This short computer animation presents the new landscape in an engaging three-dimensional format. Travel among the 'taxi-copters' and 'road-machines' as your journey highlights several of Wright's unrealized projects, including the Rogers Lacy Hotel, Pittsburgh Civic Center, and the Point Park Bridge. The animation concludes with an ascent to the top of 'The Illinois', Wright's eminent design for a Mile High Skyscraper.


  1. Can you imagine trying to build Fallingwater under the RMA!

  2. "Can you imagine trying to build Fallingwater under the RMA!"

    O it could be done. Of course it couldn't be in the woodland. It might disturb the wildlife (snails birds ect). And it would have to be fenced around all the edges (a child or elderly person might trip over)! And considering all that wood in the building, there is a chance that some native wood might have been used, so that's got to go. And just forget about the water, it just screams "health hazzard".
    So yes you could build Fallingwater RMA. It would just have to be transformed into a suburban, fence ridden, concreet, waterless house. That cant be too bad. Afterall, half the buildings in New Zealand would look like this.

  3. WOW - that is truly amazing!!!

    That has to be one of the most incredible pieces of architecture on the planet.

    It just oozes atmosphere! - It exudes the feeling of a place that you would like to be or live in - even the name of the place - bear run - conjures up imagery to make this such a special place

    I am so glad I saw that - Inspiring

  4. Absolutely wonderful. I was looking to see if the movie captured the rock by the fireplace around which the house was built. Captured perfectly in this movie. Thanks Peter.

    Julian D

  5. Oh boy, that is soooo gorgeous. I don't know much about architecture (haven't even finished The Fountainhead) but I wish I could afford a house like this! (is half tempted to scream that it's unfair she can't afford things like this, but is not an egalitarian or socialist)


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