Tuesday, 4 December 2007

November site stats

Some site stats for November. Top ten posts for the month:
  1. Beer O'Clock: Good News, Bad News.
  2. Comrade Trottersky exposes the real EFB issue.
  3. Raise your voice against democracy rationing.
  4. Amazing inventions.
  5. "Very disturbing activities" in the Dom.
  6. Tax is theft.
  7. PUBLIC NOTICE: Stop democracy rationing.
  8. The litmust test for "social justice."
  9. No property rights, thanks, we're National.
  10. Elliot Tower - Gordon Moller.
Top six search terms being Googled and landing here:
  1. broadacre city
  2. "nanny state has gone berserk"
  3. early book history online
  4. "they're valuable and longterm supporters of ours"
  5. russell watkins
  6. breakup songs
And (Google/Yahoo aside), here are the top six sites referring readers here. Thanks everyone. Cheques are in the post.
  1. Kiwiblog
  2. The Libz site
  3. SOLO
  4. Whale Oil
  5. Tumeke!
  6. Crusader Rabbit

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