Friday, 2 November 2007

Elliot Tower - Gordon Moller

The Elliot Tower apartment building has just received the go ahead from the bureaucrats at the council, and is now all set to begin construction. When completed it will be Auckland's first genuine 200m+ building that isn't just a tower allowed through the height plane but a genuine commercial building, and as you can see (below) while looking like several gigabytes of RAM chip it will help to fill in Auckland's skyline and (hopefully) invite other tall buildings up to meet it.

The picture at left shows the original 'sketch design by ADC Architects which was presented to the Auckland City Council Urban Design panel before the design project was taken over and completed by Gordon Moller (that's his sketch at right).

Gordon Moller, incidentally, is the chair of the Auckland City Council Urban Design Panel.

BTW, there's as much discussion of this project as you can handle over at Skyscraper City, from where I pinched most of these images. (Click on them to enlarge.)


  1. Yes, let's get that Auckland skyline filled in. 200m isn't really tall anymore. Over at Skyscraper City I had a look at the latest photos of the construction of the Burj Dubai. Look at this. That building under construction in the background is a significant skyscraper and probably somewhat higher than Elliot Tower. But the Burj well and truly dwarfs it. I may have some quibbles about the architecture, but the Burj is astonishing.

  2. It would be splendid if we could have a dozen buildings of a similar size in the Auckland Central Business District over the next 5 years or so.

  3. This tower will be amazing for Auckland!! It will give Auckland some more 'identity' in its Skyline and encourage more 200 m+ towers!!! It will complement the Sky Tower too!

    Can't wait for it to be built!!

  4. I agree to the above, New Zealand needs a real metropolitan city to compete with the Sydneys and Torontos of the world, and the ASB and Vero buildings just don't cut it, the skyline will look odd at first, but it will be an impetus to get more scrapers in there.


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