Friday, 16 November 2007

Raise your voice against democracy rationing

John Boscawen, the organiser of tomorrow's Queen St march against the Clark Government's assault on democracy, received news yesterday that his father has died.*

John will still be there. So should you.

The march gathers outside the Town Hall from ten o'clock, leaving to march down Queen St at ten thirty. Get down there to raise your voice against the rationing of political speech and the rorting of elections.

Be there!
- - - - - - -

* John's father Owen Boscawen was my high school headmaster. I was very sorry to hear the news of his passing. My condolences to John and his family.

UPDATE: Liberty Scott asks an obvious question:
So can anyone tell me, plain and simple, what is wrong with letting free people decide how the express their views in campaigning in election year, as long as it isn't defamatory?

Is your vote bought by someone's elaborate political campaigning? Or do you think before you vote?

Or do you think that the vast majority of voters are stupid, and that spending lots of money on electoral advertising influences them in ways you don't like - and that there aren't enough people on your side of the argument willing to spend money to counter that?
Answers on a Labour Party brochure, please.

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