Thursday, 15 November 2007

PUBLIC NOTICE: Stop democracy rationing!

What you can do:

Protest March: Auckland this Saturday 17 November from the Auckland Town Hall at 10.30am (assemble from 10am) Protest: Wellington next Wednesday, 21 November, for a march on Parliament.

This is to invite you to stand up and be counted.

John Boscawen is organising marches in Auckland and Wellington to protest the Labour-led Government's attack on democracy.

The Electoral Finance Bill is designed to curb political activity.

With help from the Greens and United Future, Labour and NZ First are about to ram through a law to gag free speech. Political speech is about to be rationed.

This is over vociferous objection from the Human Rights Commission, the Law Society, Grey Power and concerned citizens from every sector of New Zealand society.

The plan is to give Labour freedom to say what it likes in election year, and to gag everyone else.

Once this Gagging Bill goes through - possibly as soon as next week - it will be against the law for me to send emails such as this.

That's why the Human Rights Commission talks about a "chilling" impact on democracy.

That's why this is a Gagging Bill by any other name and must be stopped. Join the marches

If you want to help contact


  1. Excellent.

    Anything planned for Christchurch?

  2. Are you going Peter

  3. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the "Republic" for which it stands.


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