Friday, 1 July 2005

Best this week here at Not PC

Best of the week on Not PC. All this and great art and cartoons too!

Nothing 'great' about Tax Debate
I saw nothing great at all about last night's Great Tax Debate on TVNZ. A lot of people bickering about how they would spend someone else's money…

Lions win the spin
London's 'Independent' newspaper questions the spin-doctoring of the Lions Tour…

Hostage hunts down arseholes
News in of the Swede held hostage in Iraq for 47 days who has "hired bounty hunters to track down his former captors, promising to eliminate them one by one…"

Batman Shrugged
I'm not a fan of Batman, but I do like a good camp movie review. Quoth a Boston Indymedia reviewer of the new Batman movie: "What if Ayn Rand and Mussolini got together to write a Hollywood movie?

Brian O'Driscoll: Whinging Pom
When the test match finished on Saturday night my friends and I turned to each other and said, "What could Tony Blair's spin doctor possibly do to explain away that comprehensive thrashing?"--or words to that effect…. What he apparently decided to do was to turn Brian O'Driscoll from a felled Paddy into a whinging Pom…

Live-8 losers
Like Live Aid, Bob Geldof’s Live-8 is more to do with making you and Bob Geldof and Bono feel better about themselves than it is about effecting real help...

Bulldozing homes--and this is not Zimbabwe
The Supreme Court's agreement that people can be thrown out of their homes so that a shopping mall and a research centre for Pfizer can be built in New London, Connecticut has opened the floodgates…

Fed Farmers win property rights battle. War still ongoing
I was just going to blog on Jim Sutton's temporary, pre-election backdown on screwing farmers' property rights over the access issue when I found that Julian Pistorius had already said what I wanted to say…

Evicting the Justices opposed to property rights
News that one US libertarian is seeking to use the Supreme Court's new anti-property-rights ruling-- which allows the eviction of people from their own houses so that other people can build shopping malls and marinas over them -- to evict one of the Supreme Court justices that handed down the decision in order to build a hotel…

African debt relief on bFM, and elsewhere
Just got back from bFM and a very enjoyable interview with Simon Pound covering the counter-intuitiveness of African debt relief and Bob Geldof's Live Aid and Live-8 phenomena. Where did the "fooking money" go from the first Bob-Fest, and how is the latest feel-good frolic any different?

School sucks
Tibor Machan wonders why so many kids at so many schools seem so sick:
“The varieties of Attention Deficit Disorders in records boggle the mind, even as many of us have managed to pass through the system reasonably unscathed. Or have we? There are those who do not buy into this medical approach to assessing the problems with contemporary education. I am one of them…”

Education: £1 billion. "No impact."
Does just throwing money at education buy success? Um, no it doesn't…

Govt bullying another school
The Ministry of Education has a new victim…

Cue Card Libertarianism -- Population
Rises most rapidly in areas least able to sustain it –- unfree, pre-industrial, semi-feudal, collectivist societies hostile to capital formulation and investment, where children are treated as a substitute for it…

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