Friday, 1 July 2005

Top ten searches to July 1st

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Mile High Tower featuring large in this week’s top searches. Bishop Brian’s supporters still visiting to find out there heroes favourite tunes. And I do love getting tenth on Yahoo for calling Irishman Brian O’Driscoll a whinging pom. :-)

  1. frank lloyd wright mile high tower sketch (8th)
  2. brandens valliant (not on front page)
  3. mile high tower wright (1st on Yahoo)
  4. from libertarianism to welfarism (1st on Yahoo)
  5. tim wikiriwhi (7th)
  6. violent overthrow” penn & teller (4th)
  7. big mac index 2005 (2nd on Yahoo)
  8. bishop brian tamaki (10th)
  9. lord denning elephant definition (not on front page)
  10. brian o'driscoll (10th on Yahoo)

Other searches of note include "rush limbaugh owen mcshane kyoto," "fascism freedom tower," "what is the implication in the cognition of individual who does not have nursery room?" and "druglord2."

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