Thursday, 30 June 2005

Batman Shrugged

I'm not a fan of Batman, but I do like a good camp movie review. Quoth a Boston Indymedia reviewer of the new Batman movie: "What if Ayn Rand and Mussolini got together to write a Hollywood movie? The result would look something very like Batman Begins--the new blockbuster prequel to the Batman screen franchise." Ooh er!

I think that means he doesn't like it. No bother. Robert Bidinotto did, and he loves even more the sniffy, wowserish review from the Boston Indymedia, self-proclaimed "Media Outlet for Radical, Accurate and Passionate Tellings of Truth":
You're absolutely right about one thing, fella — this Batman is the antithesis of your entire sick, parasitical, eat-the-rich, blame-the-victim-not-the-criminal, sacrifice-the-individual-to-the-collective-gang view of human nature and society. In the form of a mythic pop hero, Batman Begins presents a heroic, self-assertive and unapologetic view of human potential, individual self-responsibility and larger-than-life entrepreneurship. Batman is a fantasy archetype of heroic American individualism. So stick it in your ear, pal.
So there. Sounds like just the sort of movie the Libertarianz should be supporting. And it turns out we are. :-)

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