Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Govt bullying another school

The Ministry of Education has a new victim: Al Madinah school in Mangere, convicted of "prioritising religion at the expense of the curriculum and segregating staff and students according to gender." Herald story here.

Now these values are not mine -- although they are it seems those of Bill English -- but they are the values of those parents who have chosen this school for their children. Some parents have certainly
decided it's not for them and they've withdrawn their children, but those who have stayed are apparently pleased with their own decision. Whose business is it to make that choice for them?

The busybodies have decided it's their's. Al Madinah is penalised for not fitting the state's model. The ministry has its own propaganda for schools to peddle, and has no time for that of another culture.

The problem is that the factory school system has as its chief criteria for success pleasing a bureaucrat, rather than pleasing the parents whose children attend the factory schools. When the values of the parents are significantly different to those of the bureaucrat -- or of the ministry, or of the minister -- then the bureucrat will always win, and diversity and choice is the loser.

Is this really what we want?


  1. As long as the government provides welfare it will need to police standards in schools. I refuse to pay for some Wahabi retard on the dole with my taxes, and until I am not obliged to, I applaud any efforts to bring schools like this up to a standard where employers can be confident in employing ex pupils.

  2. Berend de Boer29 Jun 2005, 14:54:00

    You want a school that teaches kids how to blow themselves up? I applaud the authorities in this particular case. It has nothing to do with busy bodies, but with a threat to our society. Look at what's happening in Europe.

  3. Adolf Fiinkensein29 Jun 2005, 14:55:00

    Yes, Berend is on the right track. You don't need vast knowledge of the Creek classics or Roman history to learn how to strap on a semptex singlet and then press the right button. You do need vast amounts of indoctrination. Wahabi? Until 9/11 I thought that was hot green sauce you had with sushi.

  4. Berend,

    do we have proof that this school teaches kids how to blow themselves up? Or is it because you have problem with muslim?

  5. Personally I have no problem with a Muslim school, but I do have a beef with the idiot who decided to fund this school with taxpayers money. I'm not sure if it was National or Labour.

    I would have a bit more sympathy for the school if they pulled an Orauta, and funded their school privately and were being threatened with closure after that.

  6. sid x, show me a moderate muslim, that might convince me. There aren't any because the Koran teaches violence to spread the religion. And why are you defending followers of a pedophile?

  7. Berend, I'm not a muslim and don't really know much about Mohammed. But saying that someone is a paedophile just because he married a 13 years old girl some hundreds years ago is just ridiculous. You have to put the cultural and social context in perspective. The context of marriage and certainly the accepted age for marriage was also different than today.

    About Koran teaches violence to spread the religion, again, where is the proof in this? Or is this just the result of media brainwashing? There are hundred thousands of moslem all around the world, if they are all terrorists, then we should have seen greater war.

  8. sid x, I agree on the 13 year old.

    But it wasn't a 13 year old. He married a 6 year old kid, and consumed the marriage when she was 9:

    Read this comparison of founders of religion:

  9. Having large numbers of Muslims in NZ worries me because WHO THE HELL can tell whether or not they are of the belief that we are infidels and should be exterminated.Some radical Muslims do believe this,and it did not take celebratory garden parties in Mt Albert at the time of 9/11 to alert me to this fact.I welcome peace loving immigrants to this country,but given that Islamism is such a potential BOMB,I caution much greater Immigration conservatism than we have at present.


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