Thursday, 30 June 2005

Debt relief on bFM and elsewhere

Just got back from bFM and a very enjoyable interview with Simon Pound covering the counter-intuitiveness of African debt relief and Bob Geldof's Live Aid and Live-8 phenomena. Where did the "fooking money" go from the first Bob-Fest, and how is the latest feel-good frolic any different?

Julian Pistorius has very kindly put up an MP3 of the interview (thanks Julian). And the BBC's Radio 3 had a similar (but much, much more intellectual) debate this morning on the subject of altruism in general and the Make Poverty History campaign in particular. Contributors include evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and Ayn Rand Institute fellow Onkhar Gate. Listen here, and read details here.

Some useful links to this and related subjects:
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  1. So where did the debt come from anyway?


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