Thursday, 12 May 2005

Top ten searches this week

Here's the most popular searches this week here at Not PC, and as I'm a helpful chap they're linked to the pages I suspect the searchers came here looking for (all Googled unless stated otherwise) Sadly, nothing particularly bizare this week, so I've included a wee 'trick' to add some spice :

1. pc epsom blog (1st - You'd hope so, really, wouldn't you?)
2. wingspread mansion wright (not on front page - FLW's a popular guy)
3. rodney hide blog (not on front page)
4. libertynz (2nd)
5. moodie's credit rating service (5th on Yahoo Search)
6. sludgegate (3rd)
7. rob moodie (5th)
8. the comprachicos on education (9th on Yahoo Search)
9. kaikohe demolition (not on front page)
10. free porn (4th)

1 comment:

  1. [phew] Thankfully I have learned to check where a link will lead, otherwise I might just have fallen for that trick ;)


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