Wednesday, 27 April 2005

Butcher Report “all over New Zealand and all over the world” - Moodie

A defiant Dr Rob Moodie told Justice Wild during yesterday’s High Court contempt hearing that web pages carrying the suppressed Butcher Report had received more than 500,000 hits so far. No one mentioned King Canute, but it is apparent that suppression of such things is no longer possible, and the court appeared to accept that. Story here from The Dominion.

The hearing ended in indefinite adjournment, with the focus now on a Thursday hearing by the Manawatu District Law Society. Manawatu District Law Society president Gordon Paine said last night that tomorrow's hearing was only a preliminary one to decide what to do with the complaint. Help him decide – contact details for the Law Society are here.

And Don Brash has now entered the fray, putting pressure on Helen Clark to make good her promises of 1998. He’s twelve days late on picking up on this, but at least he’s saying something. But still nothing but silence from Rodney Hide, the leader of the party purportedly representing New Zealand’s battlers.

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