Wednesday, 20 April 2005

From V8 demolition to Kaikohe Demolition

As V8 racing in Wellington faces demolition by the RMA, frustrated Wellington punters can still enjoy a slice of heartland Kiwi culture being celebrated on the big screen. 'Kaikohe Demolition' returns to Wellington screens this weekend only for another run around the oval track. Director Florian Habicht finds ballet in demolition, and character where many would see none, and you leave the theatre feeling great about a country in which people like these can still enjoy their own life in their own chosen way.

"You caught exactly what makes that area and those people so great!" said Mikey Havoc. Read reviews here, about the production team here, and see it this weekend here.


  1. I have Ford Falcon 1973 XB 351 GT - quite rare. People wave at you when you take it out.You're glad I told you that aren't you.


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