Thursday, 21 April 2005

Rob Moodie and Army both face contempt

The army has launched a contempt of court action against Dr Rob Moodie for posting the Butcher Report on the internet reports the Dominion this morning. It makes no mention of the contempt felt by the New Zealand public for the army, but no doubt that is what the "thousands" feel who have been downloading and distributing it:
Rob Moodie said yesterday he would fight the action and would not be silenced.
The report itself was not suppressed by Justice Wild and the copy he put on the Internet was not one of those he had been ordered to return to the army, he said.
Thousands of people had seen the report on the Internet despite Crown Law putting pressure on Internet service providers to remove it from websites.
Transport and industrial relations select committee chairman Mark Gosche said last night there had been no formal request yet from any committee member for an inquiry into the saga.
Gosche's comments are worth noting, as are the names and contact details for those committee members:
Peter Brown, Deborah Coddington, Lianne Dalziel, Helen Duncan, Hon Mark Gosche (Chairperson), Dr Wayne Mapp, Lynne Pillay, Mike Ward and Hon Maurice Williamson. Feel free to make contact with them to encourage their makig that formal request.

Supporters of Dr Moodie who live in or near Wellington might also like to attend the High Court on Wednesday to show him your support.

Meanwhile, Winston confides that he intends to keep trying to table the Butcher Report, but as Parliament does not re-open until may 3rd that comes too late for Rob Moodie.


  1. According to today's Dominion Post the High Court hearing is next Tuesday, not Wednesday as you noted. May pay to check.

    A NZ seniors site has had more than 800 views in the last few days so the momentum is gathering.

  2. Hmmm, interview with Rob Moodie on bFM today I'm sure he said Wednesday. Damn, am I in error? Does anyone know for sure?

    Safest to go with the Dom over my memory I'd say.

    Duncan Bayne is still offering a mirror site for the report, and Rob Moodie's introduction to it. There's a link down there on the sidebar.

  3. I notice that the site shut down for offering the Butcher Report has now reopened: :-)

  4. Kia ora Miss Alice, the people of New Zealand need more Lawyers who are not scared to speak out about CORRUPTION because it is happening and it in the best interest of the Public, that it be EXPOSED.

    I am URGENTLY in need of your services. Please contact me on, and view or

  5. hi granddad its your granddaughter here Aimee. remember me.. contact me.

  6. But True to form he never did contact Aimee - his granddaughter, Zakh his Grandson or the daughter he made a ward to the state at 13 - Vikki
    One cannot help but praise Vikki for being the most loving,caring mum who has raised to intelligent, real and happy kids!
    Shame on you


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