Friday, 6 May 2005

Top ten searches this week

Top ten search terms for my blog as it heads into its fifth week are (all searches are Google unless noted otherwise):
1. marsden cove (not on front page);
2. peter cresswell epsom blog (1st, unsurprisingly);
3. site poll cresswell epsom (also 1st, also unsurprising);
4. libz on campus (2nd);
5. cave creek tragedy (not on front page);
6. rob moodie (4th);
7. keith berryman (1st);
8. email addresses of building construction companies in saudi 2005 (bizarrely enough, I score 15th on this Yahoo search);
9. turia and sharples (not on front page);
10. seashore and seabed new zealand law brash (10th)

And a big welcome to the 16,466th person to hit this site. I don't think I've even met anyone from Bremen, but here they are nonetheless. Welcome, mein Herr or Fraulein.


  1. One does not say Fraulein any more PC. It is nowadays perceived as very patronising, except possibly to a young girl. You needed to say "Welcome, meine Dame oder mein Herr."

  2. Damn. I knew there'd be a German speaker there to correct me. Pedant. :-)


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