Wednesday, 13 April 2005

Zero tolerance for corruption

Ten years ago Keith Berryman and his wife were screwed by government, and in the ten years since politicians have watched and done nothing as the Berryman's lives have fallen apart due to bureaucratic duplicity.

They lost their farm; they lost their dreams; and as Keith Berryman said a year ago, "It's totally destroyed our lives. Both my wife and I have had tremendous health issues." The Government have offered the Berrymans $150,000 in compensation (acoompanied no doubt by crocodile tears and a crawling apology), but as they say, this amount wouldn't even cover their legal bills.

Lawyer Rob Moodie is now going in to bat for the Berrymans, and he's been coming out swinging:
Lawyer Rob Moodie has defied a court order by posting on the internet a suppressed army report on the 1994 "Berryman bridge" collapse.

Dr Moodie said last night that he had posted it to expose the truth about the collapse, in which beekeeper Kenneth Richards died at the King Country farm of Keith and Margaret Berryman.

Last month the High Court ordered Dr Moodie to return copies of the report by former army engineer George Butcher. The report reveals that faulty army construction caused the collapse because timber transoms were not sealed, letting water in.
Good for Rob Moodie. On the 'Holmes' show, Rob Moodie said his motivation for releasing the report is that he has "zero tolerance for corruption." Rob Moodie is a hero. A pity parliament has so few of them.

[And no, I don't know where to find the report - although I'm told that page twenty has the crucial stuff.]

[UPDATE 1: I'm reliably informed that a polite e-mail to
this gentleman
will find a report on your doorstep within the week.]

[UPDATE 2: Duncan Bayne comments on this case here, and says the Butcher Report can be downloaded through the NBR site, here.]


  1. I don't know what's more disgusting - the corruption, or the fact that most of the mainstream media are ignoring it!

    Either way, I'm trying to spread the word, having mentioned it on my blog, on Kuro5hin, and nz.politics.

  2. Good on you m8 - keep up the good work!

    More copies of the Report can be found here:


    John W

  3. Thanks for those links John.

    I was e-mailed by the gentleman I linked to above with a full report, including Rob Moodie's own notes, so I can definitely confirm that link works. I've noticed some links don't include Rob Moodie's covering letter and notes.

  4. Thanks m8. I noticed this morning on what I assumed was some sort of 'official' site for the Report:
    that there is a note that some of the Report is missing. I got my Report off the above site, so maybe my bogs also have those bits missing. Communication from 'teegee' is rather slow for something that feels urgent. Don't know if you have more info.

    Good wishes ~ John W.

  5. The NBR site has removed the link to the report, as of today. Wonder why? had added the additional missing report pages, as jpg images, as of midnight last night. Now the site has transformed into a Page Not Found. Wonder why?

  6. The Berryman report can be downloaded via eDonkey or eMule using the following link:



  7. Thanks Janine and John. Keep the news of new links coming in folks, and get those letters off to newspapers, to MPs and to everyone in Helengrad, including the Great Leader herself. Fax and email details for Helen are in posts above.


  8. It looks as though pressure has been put on Paradise to close the 'teegee' homepage and on NBR also as they have now withdrawn the links they had. I suggest people keep on putting the reports on blog sites to ensure it stays 'live'and also circulating it to all in sundry. Send it to your MP and that will ensure it has wide distribution!

  9. There is another link to the Butcher/Moodie report at:

    as Crown Law appear to be getting heavy handed with local sites.

  10. And another link to report here:

    Great stuff guys - keep em coming :)

  11. I've been mirroring it since before it got taken offline.

  12. Theres a not-so-good copy here:

    Its important the actual text makes it onto some blogs so that its easily located using Google.

  13. I searched on Google for Rob Moodie NZ, and there are a heap of links plus his (mirrored) home page and the original Butcher Report. It is all out there in the public domain now !

    I saved it all to my laptop, and may just start my first ever blog to make sure the avalanch continues. Rob Moodie is a total hero.

  14. I was the person who put the Butcher Report on the net.
    As readers may have noticed the info in the top left corner of each page has a fax number. This is the NZ First Parliamentary fax number.
    So what Winston Peters was not allowed to "TABLE" in the house was this copy of the report. The signature at the bottom of the last page is the ssme person who "knocked" on the Berryman's door asking for a copy of the "Agreement of Satisfaction" for the bridge project. The agreement was not worth the paper it was written on.
    Be all that as it may we have now got a foot in the bank vault with the latest victory in the High Court a few days ago.

  15. Check out my site

    It has been updated today with the latest news.

    There is more to come ... soon


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