Friday, 6 May 2005

Mussolini or Mandela?

'The Times' have an online political quiz as part of their election coverage. Are you a Mussolini or Mandela it asks. Well, are you?

It's actually a longer and more watered down version of the World's Smallest Political Quiz, found here and on my sidebar, making it perhaps the world's second smallest, and amusingly it shows Blair's Labour Party on the edge of Authoritarianism. Not just amusing then, but also accurate.

Try both quizzes and see if the results agree. If you like, tell me your results and the party you presently support and I'll add them to the chart I'm compiling and will be posting shortly showing where NZ political parties and their supporters are placed. In the meantime, would you care to guess which is our most authoritarian parliamentary party? Our most libertarian?

For myself, I get 100% Personal Freedom/100% Economic Freedom with the World's Smallest Political Quiz, but only 60-70 on the Times quiz. There you go. [Hat-tip to David Bertelsen at SOLO.]


  1. A direct link to the Timez quiz would have bene useful. Also you may want to no that No Right Turn has plotted most NZ bloggers and party leaders on the test which is similiar.

    On the Times test I got social 71 and economic 74.

  2. Whoops! I'm an idiot. Link added now. :-)

    Yep, I should also have mentioned NRT's compass, although I've never found that political compass test and results either clear or instructive.

    But forgetting to mention it makes me an idiot twice-over this morning. Sorry NRT:-/

    I'd better go and have another coffee.

  3. And I'd better say 'Yo!' for your libertarian leanings, DPF. Very encouraging. :-)

  4. Social 60, Economic 42, and I'm probably likely to vote Green.

    But I hated parts of the quiz.

    QN 5: your son is behind in school, how do you fix it. Options all involve blaming the school (switch to vouchers, have the govt sack the principal, get more parental involvement with running the school, etc).

    How about "Resolve to spend more time teaching your son?" or "Consider encouraging or mandating changes to your son's out-of-school activities" or even (god forbid) "Consider what to do to provide a better example to your son".

    Also it had nothing about the environment: and that seems a big lack in an attempt to map the modern political map.


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