Friday, 29 April 2005

Success of Waterways well-deserved

Hopper Brothers' Waterways projects have been wildly successful - and for very good reason - with only politicians and busybodies finding anything about them to object to. Bob Dey explains here today many of the very good reasons why they've been so successful, and what's up with the Hoppers' latest project at Marsden Cove.

Reading Bob's excellent summary reminds me again of those busybodies who object to the transformation of the landscape for human pleasure and wellbeing. One of the things about which I am most proud in my campaigning in the Coromandel electorate last election was helping to squash Sandra Lee's appalling decision to stymie the superb Whitianga Waterways project.

I explain here who was really to blame for trying to squelch the project. Fortunately, public pressure got it back on the rails, and naturally ever since I've been enjoying the subsequent success of the project, and of the Waterways concept itself.

I hope they make a pile of money at Marsden Cove. They've earned it.


  1. Yes, their success is well-deserved...however Pauanui is a posturing, white trash,nasty place. Who wants a holiday house at Pauanui - might as well go to Pakuranga for your holiday. I detest Pauanui.

    They were also behind some of the hideous high-density developments in Howick. In 20 years these will be the equivalent of trailer parks.


  2. Pauanui is, as you say, Pakuranga by the sea. I was careful not to mention Pauanui, although as you know the Waterways site is a little removed from Pauanui itself. A lot has been learnt since that first Waterways project.

    And I confess I wasn't aware that Hoppers had knocked up some of the Howick McMansions, but I guess nearly everyone has, haven't they. Apart from me. :-)


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