Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Fumigating this blog from TrumClinton


Okay, I think I've had enough. I’ve had enough of reading or writing about the American election and the vermin who stand in it, and write about it.

It was an important election. America is at a crossroads economically, morally, militarily, fiscally, politically – yet neither commentariat nor candidate cares, or can articulate a way to actually make America great again.

It's been a long, long, long time since anyone wanted to talk about policy -- all they want to talk about is the candidates' character. And yet the only candidate who actually has good character is the only one not being talked about. Go figure.

Both main candidates are disastrous; and both main parties bear responsibility for their nomination. I struggle to think of an election* in which the issues were so large, the candidates so dire, and the debate so trivialised and possibly even orchestrated. (We are now down to reading emails from the Stroking Gun and watching videos of how Trump kisses.)

Enough! I can’t do it any more. Read the archives if you must on Hillary, Trump, and US Politics. But this blog until the election seven days from now will henceforth be a Trump and Clinton-free zone. You will need to give me very good arguments to persuade me otherwise.

* Perhaps the two or three elections before the US Civil War when candidates sought to evade the obvious, their evasions only serving to magnify the oncoming cataclysm? But I’m happy to hear other candidates …



  1. I wonder what the definition is for a country to be declared technically $insolvent. As I understand things the official public debt is so huge that it cannot possibly be repaid. Then there are the unaccounted future debts, like pensions to be added ~ obviously also can't be paid.
    The debate has been so childish and irrelevant. I agree with you, and will be skipping the trivia and nonsense. I'll take a bit of interest next Wednesday


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